The early medieval town of Bamberg is in northern Bavaria and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It has one of Europe’s largest intact old town squares and is remarkable due to its distinctive half-timbered old buildings.
Bamberg was originally settled by the Slavs and starting in the 10th century served as a link between central and eastern Europe.

In the 11th century the town’s unique style strongly influenced the architectural development of central Europe.
During the 18th century enlightenment, Bamberg was the home of the philosopher Hegel and ETA Hoffman who wrote The Nutcracker.
The Alte Hofhaltung, or Old Palace, dates from 10th and 11th centuries. The inner courtyard is surrounded by half-timbered buildings with steeply pitched roofs and stunning wooden walkways.
Bamberg is a visual feast!
It is also pleasing to the palate with wonderful restaurants and is famous for its beer! The town has nine breweries, one of which makes an unusual smoky tasting brew, which no, I didn’t try, and neither did my husband which is a surprise because he is the beer aficionado in the family. I guess we’ll just have to go back!
The town is ideal for exploring on foot and full of wonderful surprises at every turn.
Cheers to you from the remarkably beautiful old town of Bamberg~

233 thoughts on “Bamberg~

  1. Ha! M’lady and I recently signed for a bike and barge tour late this Spring starting in Bamberg and traveling east along the Main to end in Miltenberg. Thanks for the intro!

    • Oh my, you will have a stupendous experience! Miltenberg is delightful. You will see many of these incredible medieval towns and you will be so glad you went! I cann’t wait to hear about your trip and see your photos. I am excited for you and I get to travel vicariously with you!

  2. Bamberg is full of intricate and fascinating “nooks and crannies,” Cindy! I was really enjoying the haphazard way the buildings were built with no semblance of straight lines for streets! My brother had a stout beer which tasted like chocolate made in Instanbul, Turkey while he visited this weekend at a Greek restaurant called Opa’s. We later were at a bar and the owner who is in his 40’s stopped by to say he recognized us. We told him we really liked his restaurant’s food. We both had had gyro platters, my brother made with chicken, mine with lamb, traditional meat. I know he would love touring Europe and trying the beers. . . He is an artist and has traveled across the US, Mexico, Canada and we were in Spanish H.S. Club do were blessed with Portugal and Spain in our lifetime, so far! πŸ™‚ Beautiful post, as always a delightful tour!

    • So glad you enjoyed and your brother and you sound like you have a close relationship and wonderful memories, which I know is a source of strength and joy for you both. Cheers to you Robin & be well my friend~

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    • I imagine they are quite old. The rooftops in medieval towns always fascinate me. Prague stands out in this category, but Bamberg has these muti-level fascinations. One persons roof is anothers garden. I love the visual depth. It does remind me of Escher, it is so complex.

    • Oh, good! I really hope you do go. First of all you will love it and secondly I want to see and hear about it. If I am not there, I want someone else to be and post about it! ❀

    • The higgledy-piggledy really appeals to me too. It just oozes charm and invites exploration. One feels compelled to follow along the crooked streets and hopefully get hopelessly lost because that is when you really find wonderful things. I love the rooftops too. So pleased you enjoyed and thank you~

    • And to you. I was thinking about you and got curious. Are you a student/grad student in Buenos Aires? Are you pursuing Classical Studies? I am so impressed whenever I visit your blog and your posts seem scholarly. Be well my friend~

      • Hi dear Cindy… I had a classical Orientation in Arts and Literature when I was in High School… Then I studied Laws at College… But I have been interested in this subjects since my very first approaches… sending much love and wishing you the best. Aquileana πŸŽ‡ ~

  4. It is very quaint & picturesque in Bamberg! Your first shot is outstanding & I love, love the old palace. I can totally see the period gowns on the old wooden walkway!

  5. As usual fantastic subject matter in your brilliant photos.
    The angles in the composition of these photos I find really pleasing.
    Your post ‘Cindy’s Nonsense of Snow’ post mentioning Smilla, I think you left ‘no’ out of the title.
    Because they really are no nonsense beautiful photos.
    I wondered where you got all your statistics from.
    How does that saying go ‘Behind every woman is on strong man.’ πŸ™‚
    Your blog is a pleasure. _/\_

  6. These are fascinating photos – and especially of interest to me, as I just returned from a few weeks in Europe on business…and Munich was one of my stops and I spent a little time in the amazing Bavarian countryside and alps. Miss the beerhalls… πŸ™‚ If you ever need a baggage-boy to help you with your bags when you travel, ahem, I think I could do quite well πŸ™‚
    Cheers to you!

  7. Fabulous photos Cindy. I love Unesco heritage sites. I believe I was at one in China in 2001, and I live just 2 hour drive from one as well, Ouro Preto. I will be going there Tuesday fo Carnaval.

    • Yes, we have too many images assaulting us in the media, and need refuge in all the beauty in the world that receives too little attention. Thank you my friend for seeing this and be well~

  8. Just watched an art programme which mentioned the wonderful Gothic equestrian statue in the church in Bamberg.
    Also wondered if there had been a connection with Bamburgh in Northumberland, UK, through trade, perhaps….
    Thanks for following my posts. Look forward to your next interesting observations.

    • Yes, the horse is quite famous and still there thankfully. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a connection. Europe was interconnected and mutually influential an incredibly long time ago. It is amazing really, especially to an American like me who is simply gobsmacked by the buildings and the stories they tell from so very long ago.

  9. This is such a romantic place and lovely to see again. The only time I was there was for a music gig my husband had. It was the last and probably “the last’ time we were out drinking tequila and dancing till 4am. Good memories!

    • Wonderful to hear from you Wendy! Drinking tequila and dancing till 4am with you husband in Bamberg does sound like a memory of a lifetime and it is good that you CAN even remember it! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ❀

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