The Holler Soars~

Transcendent hawk.

Soaring above us all.

Watching everything,

engaging nothing.
Touching earth only for a bite,

and then sailing up again,
catching wind drafts with a friend.


Forever, chasing rainbows.

DSC08283 (1)

Cheers to you from The Holler and her hawks~

260 thoughts on “The Holler Soars~

    • Oh yes, thank you for offering this, I didn’t see it. Sorry. We will be in Madrid (first time) and Barcelona (third time) for a chunk of time, and then brief visits to Cartagena for a third time, Valencia, Seville, Mallorca and Malaga. Any ideas from you would be greatly appreciated. Where are you living?

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  1. Stunning Cindy, perfect light that highlights every feather and the images are so sharp and that rainbow is beautiful. Did you get rain? You live in such a beautiful part of the world.


  2. Truly beautiful photos and such clear skies.We keep seeing azorean buzzards but the skies are ver stormy here in the Azores. Have met many good folk doing their bit for conservation. Have you visited?


  3. Cindy, thank you so much for the book recommendation. It is a fantastic book and I did not think that people wrote like that any more. It is a revelation. Now only if I can get my hands on the TH White book as well πŸ™‚ I haven’t been reading much the last few months since the workstation got short-circuited and caught fire. Lost my six hard disks which had over 6000 ebooks, years of collecting etc. (Worse, my daughter dropped my tablet and broke it. It had quite a few ebooks on it too, around 900 of them. Depressing. I used to read on the tab, at least). But this one is superb. Her language is amazing and I am overjoyed – both the writing as well as the subject. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much.


    • Yes, I had read the White books years ago and my son is a fan as well, so the parallels were fascinating to me. The author is brilliant on so many levels. I am very happy to hear you are enjoying the book.
      Losing all your collected hard drives and ebooks is horrible. Now you know a bit of how Cleopatra must have felt when her library burned in Alexandria! Are you able to buy a new tablet and get the vendor to transfer at least your tablet stored prior books? I hope you are. If not I am sorry. I am sorry anyway. I know it is a big loss.

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      • I have a Kindle Fire (which I don’t like much; the Acer was huge both in terms of screen space as well as storage). However, I am unable to retrieve the content. The same with the hard disks. Still trying. Been trying for the last few months now. Will be getting new equipment soon, so maybe I can try later this month. (Only if I could buy new hands, hehe). My daughter’s photos are also on one of the drives, around 15,000 of them. (Oddly, this used to be one of my skills in the past – recovering data for people and conducting forensics tests on storage media. Hahaha. Now when I have to do it for myself, I am struggling).

        About libraries, I need look no farther for sadness than my own little library here. We used to have close to 17,000 books, collected over the last four decades and then our family disputes, ceaseless as they were, took over. My father wanted some, the rest he discarded; then my spiteful wuss of a brother wanted a share and so he had a few; my mother wanted to display her literary tastes and she had a few; so I am left with the unwanted collections and the torn remains of so many mutilated books. Bah! Never mind. One day I shall rebuild the whole thing and replace the lost books. Only half the collection now and the best are gone. What upset me was the way they dumped the books they did not want. I have just left them stored in little cardboard boxes since they took away some of the cabinets and shelves too. (I am a sinner too. Just did not want to look at the library at all after that. It is a huge room, and I despair at the thought of setting everything right. When I had it built, I used to love the room. Even used to sleep there at times. Maybe some day I can restore it).

        Sorry about the long comment again. Take care.


  4. Cindy, these are GORGEOUS shots! I think we have red-tailed hawks here, and they’re so majestic. I’m a bit nervous when Dallas is outside and I see one circling, though reason tells me my Sheltie is far too heavy for them to scoop up!!


  5. Ah, dem beautiful red-tails. They are simply glorious, (and don’t they know it) !!! I envy you, Cindy. I so seldom see one around here. Used to see them all the time on the farm where I grew up. Nice pics ! πŸ™‚


    • Glorious is the word that best describes them. They are curious too, with people they are familiar with and will fly low to see what’s going on, but never too close. They like a certain distance from human beings. Smart birds!


  6. Hi Cindy, you might want to read this
    I was so surprised. I just finished reading the book – thank you so much for recommending this one. It felt familiar and different at the same time. I wish I had gone to the Jaipur Lit-Fest after all. I usually detest those things. Thank you for suggesting that I read this book. It was wonderful.


    • Oh, I am so glad you enjoyed the book as I did. Not everyone “gets it,” so I am really pleased you did and thank you for the link to the author interview. She is amazing isn’t she! Wonderful to hear her thoughts and thank you very much my friend~

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