Picture Deuschland~


DSC07696 (1)
Cheers to you,

DSC07316 (1)
and the Healthiest & Happiest New Year!

226 thoughts on “Picture Deuschland~

  1. Oh, I love those narrow little streets with the bicycles and the different shapes, colors, and roofs of the buildings…like a child’s blocks lined up in play. And, of course, who can resist a hilltop castle? Magical. Happy New Year!


  2. The curved line of houses along a street was an impressive photograph, Cindy. It captured the tightness and closeness of the houses and shops. Your water reflection of those beautifully colored houses is also one that really caught my eyes. I hope you have a fantastic and joyous new year, Cindy. 🙂


  3. En el Norte de Europa, las casas están pintadas de colores. Supongo que es para dar un toque brillante a esos días grises del invierno, y creo que lo consiguen. Me ha gustado mucho tu selección de fotos.
    Que tengas un feliz 2016, amiga. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Sí, creo que tienes razón porque cuando usted ir más allá del norte, Suecia, Finlandia y Noruega, los colores Haz aún más brillante que añade brillo al paisaje de invierno crudo. Más feliz y saludable año nuevo mi amiga. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • Wow Cindy 4 years, and they have flown by with a lot of water under our virtual bridges. I’ve loved following you around the world with the occasional stop over at the Holla. Health and happiness and safe travels to you my dear blogging buddy.


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  5. What a picturesque place ~ love the first shot with the bicycle riding down the narrow lane…feels like one could be back in the 17th century (living in one of those great doll houses). I am off to Munich around the middle of January, so hope to see some of the sites there (and drink the great German beer along with a sausage or three). Hope you had a great holiday season Cindy.


    • Munich is an interesting city and I look forward to seeing your photographic impressions. In January you will have all the black, white and grey contrasts with the snow which I have never seen. It should be beautiful. Enjoy!


  6. Schön
    I have a cousin who was born there & lives there. The last time I saw him – I was like 15-16 (like 30 years ago). He & his mom came to the US to visit. I hope to be able to visit Germany (& my cousin) some day. Right now – we keep in touch via social media!


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