Germanic Street Signs: A Mix of Old & New~

I promised you more of the intricate and immensely charming Germanic Street signs one finds while strolling in medieval towns. This one is in Nuremburg Germany.


New Merchants have continued the medieval sign tradition in these remarkable old towns. Bamburg Germany.
Some are clearly newer. Melk Austria.

DSC07743 (1)
In Medieval times, many people were illiterate, hence the necessity for the visual imagery of these signs. Krems Austria.

Maintaining the tradition of advertising with these signs gives one the incredible feeling of walking back in time. Regensburg Germany.
This sign is on Albrecht Durer Street in Nuremburg, Durer’s home town.

Some signs are clearly older. Passau Germany.

I am impressed with the care taken by people in these old towns, over generations, to preserve these amazing art forms for us to wander by and admire. Passau Germany.

It is also heartening to see newer signs keeping the art form alive. Passau Germany.

Cheers to you from Germany & Austria’s wonderful artisan signs~

184 thoughts on “Germanic Street Signs: A Mix of Old & New~

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  2. Yes, thanks for pointing out the link between literacy rates and the need for imagery to help people decipher what the shop or vendor specializes in! That makes sense. What I like about these is that it’s almost as if the images from a fantasy novel sprang out and were displayed in 3D form here! ~Lynn


  3. Such exquisite work went into the design and crafting of these signs….My thoughts caught for a bit on your observation of illiteracy needing visual imagery….are we moving back in that direction? thanks for the wonderful pix!


  4. It is always good to see the old with the new, most people have no remarkable memories like those you photograph. Keep up the flow to those like me that have never seen for myself those sites.


  5. The signs are lovely and I’m sure contribute to the feel of going back in time. Love the symbolism in many of them. No wonder you enjoy wandering those streets πŸ™‚


  6. Every time when we go to Germany/Austria we observe their original and inviting signs, which are much more likely to seduce me seem than a lettered metal sign! Thank you very much for this impressive pictures.


    • It is sunny here at The Holler. Let’s trade, just until it rains. I’ll take the gloom and hope for rain, and you can have the endless sunshine. Where oh where are the el nino rains??? Hope the sun shines for you soon my friend~

      Liked by 1 person

  7. It always seems to me that there is something classic and classy about iron work, whether it is on a sign, a fence or a balcony. It evokes a sense of history for me. Thanks for sharing, Cindy. –Curt


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