The Birds & The Bees~

Can a Bee in flight balance on the beak of a hummingbird? You, betcha!
Can a hummer skewer a Bee in mid-air? Yes, indeedy!
At first I was worried the Bees would sting the hummers, but when I looked at the photos I realized I should be worrying about the Bees.
It’s good to know this feeder is guaranteed “Bee and Wasp proof” as you can read on the label,
but it is unfortunate Bees and Wasps cannot read.
You do see this hummer stabbing another in the back of the head from behind, which unfortunately, proves I have been wholely unsuccessful in teaching the hummers any manners.
But this is okay. I am accustomed to this.
I am a mother.
Cheers to you from The Holler birds & bees~

238 thoughts on “The Birds & The Bees~

  1. Birds and Bees. Well – – – at least WordPress didn’t keep you from posting it. Good thing too; or else we would not know about such things. Once again Cindy, great photos of things most of us will never see. Take care – – – and keep those bottles full for the birds and the bees (and the wasps). I will do my best to keep all the bottles in my house empty.

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  2. The photo of the bee on the hummingbird’s bill is simply amazing. And your post as a whole is a good reminder to me to get my supplies ready and my feeders hung. It’s time for the great migration — maybe sooner, maybe later, but they’re coming. There’s a hummingbird festival down he coast in October. I’ve never been, but perhaps this year I’ll make it. The area around Rockport and the central Texas coast generally can be awash in hummers in a good year.

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  3. Ha,ha – love the first photo, it seems it cannot be real but there it is. Beautiful and incredible shot…and teaches us a lot about the birds and the bees. Very much enjoyed the smiles and sights this post produced today, wish you a great weekend Cindy!


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  5. Looks like the bees and hummers are sharing fine – though it may be the last meal for some of the bees. I tried a hummingbird feeder once and got nothing but wasps. Bees I wouldn’t mind since they are useful and need all the help we can give them these days, but since it was wasps we took it down. We get all different kinds of bees in our lavender though. Birds too.


  6. Hummers are such amazing little creatures. I’ve caught them belly-bumping! Mine seem to be weary of stinging insects but yours go after them. Did that one with the bee in its beak eat it? I understand that the over-wintering hummers will eat insects when no nectar is left.


  7. Absolutely beautiful as always. I will use one of them in the next newsletter. I hope you saw your photos in the September newsletter that went out this week! Thanks again for your generosity.


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