London Town~

DSC05427 (1)
Okay, I probably wasn’t supposed to take this pic, although I have been to London a few times, I have never been to Windsor, and the private gardens are pretty freaking amazing. I didn’t trespass. I just leaned really, really, far over the wall to get this pic. Gorgeous huh? You can see why foxes choose to live in certain London parks. They are smart as foxes!
London is of course, old, historic, beautiful. It has gravitas.
But it is also for the birds,
animals, gardens,
and the people who care for them!
Like the birdkeeper and his cottage. A refuge for the birdman and his exotic birds was first established in 1612.
I love a town that established a place for a keeper of the birds 400 hundred years ago.
Plus, there are all the flowers.
Which is the way to London Town?
To see the king in his golden crown.
One foot up and one foot down.
To see the Queen in her silken gown.
(Source: Unknown Nursery Rhyme).
Cheers to you from lovely London Town~

281 thoughts on “London Town~

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    • He is such a huge talent. That song often reminds me of the abandoned Holler orchards and gardens. We have almond trees, camellias, roses, orange trees, pride of madeira, the list goes on and on, planted by some loving gardener, probably an orchard worker who live on site. He is long gone, but 50 years or so later, his trees are still produciing. I think of him when I pick a camellia or an orange and I think of this song.


  2. Cindy – I cannot and I do mean cannot get enough of your pictures of London. I almost missed these beautiful garden pictures. I would have been so distressed. They are absolutely the best. I never felt as though I was working when in London, I always had such a swell time there. It was also where I met my dear friend ‘Mike’ who became my deputy. We still talk every Sunday for a couple hours or so. We’ve often talked about ‘when we return’ but we do that about any number of places – but London is one of our favorite cities. . .probably because of the initial memories. [There, i’ve analyzed myself]!


  3. Cindy…..Cindy!!!! Okay, let me catch my breath. lol It’s no secret that Ginger Brooke and I have been obsessed with England, forever. This post was truly heart touching for us. I don’t think you’ll ever understand what your pictures mean to people who’ll never have the chance to see these things. You allow us into your world and to take part in all the beauty that you’re able to see through the lens of that brilliant camera of yours. Thank you my dear. This was a true delight for both of us. Sharing this now!!!! ❤ xoxoxo


    • You have no idea how much I value friends like you two, and blogging because it brings us together. I am so lucky to meet creative, talented, fun and intelligent people like you two. You enhance my life. Hugs & gratitude to you both! ❤ ❤


  4. Cindy, Grateful for all your Likes. I was shut down the other week for quoting Atmananda – complaint from his grumpy son – deleted ~ 450 Blogs and have started new short ones without quotes, pretty much. Longer, similar Blogs started under jstiga, jpstiga, and jpsstiga on Googles blogspot – with some graphics, entitled “Nonduality & Science”, “Sages thru the Ages” [many quotes], “Sages thru the Ages 2”. 🙂


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