This Post is Hard To Swallow~

DSC06999 (3)
This guy obviously agrees!
The Flaming Goes are pairing up.
Getting ready for Valentines Day!
Some are already dating…..
While others think it wiser,
to go out in a group.
But all Goes dine.
No matter how hard it is to swallow!
The Flaming Goes send you cheers & wish you a Happy Valentines Day~
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260 thoughts on “This Post is Hard To Swallow~

    1. Getting the eyes in the Lesser Flamingos was really hard, so thank you for noticing. The Lessers are the pale guys. Their eyes and feathers are pale, so I worked really had to get the eyes clearly. Usually with their heads down it was just dark. Thank you so much my friend for noticing!

      1. Aw, you’re very welcome, and thank you for the info about the Lessors. Love learning new things about our avian friends. I’ve always had a habit of always trying to look in bird’s eyes ever since noticing how much they can radiate personality and intelligence in the parrots I’ve had over the years. Now my parrot does that to me too… gets right up into my face! Lol πŸ˜€

      1. OMG!!! This is the first time someone saw something I totally missed! I am going to look at the pics I didn’t post to see if I have a clearer pic of Mr. Turtle. Thank you for your awesome eyes!!! Love it! <3

  1. Wonderful shots, great close up. When I was a kid, I used to chase them up at my uncles farm dam, then lie on my back and watch them fly over me, they are stunning with those pink wings from underneath. Did a few circles and landed again.

      1. Oh yes… I been thinking about you Cindy and how I want to present the NDE information I am receiving, in a way that those that don’t want their names included but I can still weave the proofs of guidance and NDEs together.
        As a little girl who had a spiritual experience, I noticed the same thing from most I have spoken to so far. Maybe I should translate all this information into a spiritual young adult reader for those that are experiencing what we did as kids, but didn’t have a resource to make sense of it.
        There is something here and I am waiting for it to be revealed while I work on getting my book done.
        Anyways, thoughts and inspirations…You are very special and have gifts that are out of this world!

  2. ~ Happy Valentines Day to you too.dear Cindy !!!
    Loved the flamingo assembly on the reflective waters and their graceful,suggestive … postures!This vermillion colour on their white feathers is out of this world πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. Stunning photos and reminds me of my friends granddaughter who I gave a flamingo to and then she saw a drawing and called them pinks! These are ver flaming pink! Love to all for Valentines Day.

  4. Well it’s a darn good thing they have those pretty pink feathers because they have really scary and freaky eyes. I’d never noticed that before, eeeeeek. Excellent photo’s Cindy.

    1. You know what surprised me about that one? It was the nostrils that are so open, you could see the sky through them sideways. With their heads constantly under water, the water must just flow through their beaks. I bet they do a lot of filter feeding. I am very pleased you liked it!

  5. You got me on this one…. I was Googling “Flaming Goes” as I had never heard of that type of bird before…. then the penny dropped… duh!!! Now I won’t be able to look at a flamingo again without thinking of your beautiful Flaming Goes photos!!!!

  6. BookOfBokeh

    That first shot, with the weird tilt angle…is perfect! What a picture. Does anyone know why they are so red? Is it their diet, maybe? Or is that their natural color?

    In any event…stunning photos. As usual! πŸ™‚

    1. You are most kiind and yes, it is their diet. They are born gray. If they eat algae. insect larvae and crustaceans that contain pigments called carotenoids, then their color becomes more intense.

    1. I would suspect the same way you cook your amazing food that is art, have your chez….., live in Germany and Orcas land, have your store, your daughter, your goats, your dogs. It’s always so good to hear from you! Like a breeze of goodness~

  7. Liebe Cindy sehr schâne Fotos sind dir wieder mal gelungen sehr schân anzusehen einen schânen Mittwoch mit ganz lieben Grüßen in Freundschaft Klaus mache jetzt eine Karneval Pause Klaus

  8. Dear Cindy, thank you very much for liking regularly some of my postings. This is encouraging and at times when I got a lot of negative letters, accusing me of being from a sect and a God hater, this ‘liking’ may help me to continue saying what is on my mind and continue to spread the news of the coming Kingdom of God, also warning people we do have to take much more care of the earth, our environment, and proclaim peace for those around us.

  9. Sometimes matters are also hard to swallow for us and than there may be people (like you) who may make the pill less bitter. Thank you for your nice pictures and for the ‘like’s you placed already on several of my postings.

    You can manage to place so many pictures because you have a paid account, I notice. I, not having much money, tried to place also some more pictures on my sites, but saw the space limiting soon. Though I would have love to share more pictures form Europe I shall have to be more careful publishing some. Sorry for not being able to share more of the beauty of the continent where I live.

    1. I would love to see more photos of where you live, even if you post one or two at a time, it would still be most interesting. I am glad you are being true to yourself and to your beliefs which is always admirable. Thank you for your thoughtful commentary & cheers to you my friend~

      1. When it comes to making stuff up, I am way better than Brian Williams (you’d have to google him). He’s an American news anchor who just got busted for confabulating….. He should just start blogging…….Laughing….

    1. The Goes do this to me too! I don’t know what it is, but they are naturally comical, except when they fly when they are unbelieveably beautiful, or swim when they are swan like in gracefulness. Love them~

  10. Being from Miami I enjoyed these photos. My mother is obsessed with flamingos and decorated my bedroom with them, we even have a light up one in the bathroom! Oh, and she also has so many ornaments for the Christmas tree of flamingos.

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