Reflecting One World~

Buenos Aires
Yours truly reflected in Buenos Aries.

DSC06479 (1)

DSC06986 (2)
Mid Atlantic Ocean

Cheers to you with reflections of our ONE wonderful world~
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168 thoughts on “Reflecting One World~

  1. I think I recognize the bottom two photos. Does that mean you are home again? Have the coyotes formed a coalition and taken over in your absence? I would hate to find those bad boys peeping through my windows in the moonlight. I imagine that banging pot lids together would disturb the coy-boys more than the wa.

    How awful would even a small EQ be with all that glass? Vancouver should know better. But then, YIKES!! Victoria dumps raw sewage. A modern city.,d.eXY

    Beautiful photos. Such beautiful reflections of your gorgeous inner vision, especially the sunsets. Welcome home.


    • Ohhhhh, what heart warming thoughts my friend. People like you make blogging a priority for me. I am so grateful to have gotten a chance to know you. Gratitude and friendship are flying to you. I know you can feel it~

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  2. Oh Cindy I would settle for the Holler and those glorious sunsets every time. Great to go exploring and it certainly is mind opening to see the rest of the world but it must give you an inner peace to know that lovely place will be waiting to enfold you back into it’s heart when you return…


      • I think you should! I will be there in May so I would love to see before I leave. I was thinking about this as I replied to your comment. I like the modern glass buildings, even in old European Cities, if the old towns are separated from the new towns as they often are. You can visit the old city centers, where I usually choose to stay, and pass through the new modern parts, going from say 1200 to 2015! This is something we don’t really have in the US.


  3. I have found myself on several instances wanting to just stand and watch the reflection off glass buildings but never had the opportunity to enjoy the moment. Thank you for these photos, Cindy!


  4. Dazzling architectural images with incredible upward perspective and gorgeous geometrical shapes and lines!Great angles and sharpness;I also loved the sunset sceneries with the fiery illusionary skies!Cheers to you too 🙂


  5. I feel like I may have already mentioned this, but I loved the title of your post. I feel it encompasses much of what you photograph and write about, too. I also enjoyed all the reflections on the buildings and water. I took a very similar photograph up at my Mom’s in Cleveland from her balcony at her Senior Apts. of a sunset with rosy, magenta, golden and purple tones displayed. It is so unusual or interesting to think it may have been a similar sky. It was on February 6, 2015. Small world and yet, lovely that we all share it together. Thanks for your special comments on my cat poem/attempt! smiles!


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