“Road Trippin……”

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“with my favorite ally” up the central California coast. Lyrics: Anythony Kiedis
We are taking a short 4 day road trip to check out some of the few places where Northern elephant seals mate, fight and give birth in the US, on the central California coast about a 7 hour drive from The Holler.
On the way we stopped for the night in Ojai at a Hacienda Hotel built in the 1920’s.
It is a Wallace Neff paradise for people who enjoy Hacienda architecture.
The Christmas ligths make for an especially lovely scene.
We are now in Cambria California, on the southern edge of Big Sur.
Today we are searching elephant seals.
Gray whales are also migrating and sea otter live here.
Cheers to you during our elephant seal expedition in California’s Big Sur~

154 thoughts on ““Road Trippin……”

    1. Today my attention was fully commandeered by the elephant seals! WOW! The otters are incredible though too but easiest to photograph at Monterey where they come very close to shore~

    1. Oh yes! There are so many more now, it is remarkable. Total population here is the biggest I have ever seen it. Most are off shore, but I bet there were a thousand or so scatterd along the Big Sur area right now. INCREDIBLE!

  1. I’ve been on that boardwalk many times, usually staying right across the street on Moonstone Road. Beautiful country. This time of year, that whole area is enchanted. Have a great time!

    1. Oh my gosh! The Ellie exceeded my expectations. I have seen them here before, but they are spread all up the Big Sur Coast and are super active, fighting, sparring, moving in and out of the water. The mamas should be giving birth soon now….

    1. Roads trigger memories don’t they and I know you have a lifetime of awesome ones. Ever think of posting some pics of your years in Europe and your many visits to PR?

  2. I was beginning to think you were back in Europe seeing all those winding roads – never did I imagine California quite like that. Not sure why but it’s lovely to see otherwise. Best of luck with your elephant seal spotting – looking forward to your captures!:)

  3. Great images, as always, Cindy. Haven’t seen the Big Sur for ages… Have a great trip. Looking forward to seeing more photos of the Big Sur. 🙂

    1. I found them!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! 5000 pound 15 foot males and petite 3500 pound 12 foot females!!! Hundreds and hundreds and the males were downright cranky & rude! Awesomeness!!!

    1. I wish you were, tomorrow we head further north in Big Sur to see more of the maginificent elephant seals. I’m am happy you are along virutally though. It makes the trip better~

  4. I love that part of California… well, there are so many beautiful areas in our state, aren’t there? As a tile buff I enjoyed seeing the steps going up into the hotel.

  5. Beautiful scenery, Cindy. My first thought was “purple mountains majesty…” from ‘America the Beautiful’ with the purple ridges on the horizon. California is so rich in gorgeous landscapes. Hope you find your seals!

  6. That is not just a road trip, that’s a road trippin! Amazing views. Good luck on your hunt for the elephant seals, whales and otters. When you see them, just shoot them! Cameras only of course my dear! 😀 Love your road trips!

    1. Next few posts you are going to see elephant seals of every age, shape and size being very active fighitng for territory, harems and getting ready for birth. Amazing sights~

  7. Good luck on your expedition. I enjoy being reminded of my visit to California.
    There was a little town near the sea where the trees were also wind bent.
    Best to you and yours this month and Happy New Year!

      1. Nope – A little wind blown tourist town though…
        I know I wrote about it – maybe not by name.
        We had to walk down about two maybe three stories of sand path to get to the bottom where the beach was.
        Looking up on the cliff this one tree looked like a bonsai but it was really quite full grown. Just wind bent. The town reminded me of a town here called Lititz, PA – though no beach. Full of touristy shops though.

  8. Absolutely stunning scenery Cindy. I knew you would be back on the road sooner rather than later. I look forward to seeing those big boys through your lens. Take care they can be aggressive. I’ve seen them on tv….

  9. Cindy – How we would have loved to have had you and your traveling companions as our house guest when you explored the Central Coast of California. We were a stone’s throw [well, make that a couple of stones] away from where you were shooting. I’ve always called that area God’s country and still refer to it as home. Never has another place on earth touch my heart and soul the way the Central Coast did and continues to do so. Of the 12 countries I’ve had the privilege to live in and an additional 20 or so I’ve visited, the Central Coast still holds the top place in my heart.
    I’ve been meaning to ask and keep forgetting, have you photographed The Blue Grotto yet?

    1. Yes, I agree with all your sentiments. We were so close to moving to Cambria. Had a house selected. We were there for two nights on this trip and it was bitter-sweet as I am sure your memories are. It is so good to visit. I haven’t even visited the Blue Grotto. Can you believe it? I need too….so many places yet to explore! Hugs to you my dear one~ <3

      1. I was heartbroken when we heard the Blue Grotto was destroyed in a terrible earth quake not long after we were there the last time – but everything seems to be operating normally. Your photography would be out of this world. Please, please – you must go. Well, maybe not must but it is one of the places I believe you would find truly awesome. I visited there many times before I met Tom because I was working not far from there [I didn’t want to leave when my assignment was finished]. I was always hoping the government would do something truly stupid so I could go back! I went back twice on my own and then Tom fell in love with the location and need I say more!

      2. I trust your suggestion entirely, besides I’m already planning to go back, I am always planning to go back to Big Sur. Blue Grotto is #1 on my list. Merry Christmas to you and Tom! <3 <3

  10. All work and no play makes for ignorance… I have grown out of touch with our own coastline – primarily because it has been all work. Learned a lot from this series, albeit working backwards! lol

    1. Now, I am really comitted to try and get you to go on vacation. 😉 You seemed to like Canada? Big Sur cannot be rivaled and it is close? I want to see photos of your vacay! You rock my friend~

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