Fine Feathers~

It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds~ Aesop
My love affair with birds started when I was a very young child. I bred and raised parakeets and cockatiels as a kid. I had two egrets, one pigeon, two cockatiels, and one great blue heron find me at picnics or hikes or at home, who I adopted and raised at various points in my life.
I talk to birds wherever I am and they tend to talk back. You should try it. I highly recommend it.
Birds just make me happy. Always have and I find more and more now that I am retired, that the things that made me happy as a kid, still make me happy as an adult, and once again now, I have time for them!
I cannot however adopt a bird until I stop traveling, so I get my bird fix these days by hanging out with the wild Holler birds, and visiting people who rescue birds.
Check out the birds at Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary. Free flight was started by a veternarian who loved birds. He built the facility next to his veterinary hospital that of course treats birds. Free flight is a non-profit that accepts birds with special problems and houses them in a natural tropical setting, where birds are kept in open air perchs with other flock members as they are in the wild. The results are magical, for the birds and for people who are encouraged to visit and interact with the birds.
People leave this place in love with birds! You can see it happening right before your eyes, when the bird decides to hop on them.
The helpful cockatoo got me a better photo by thoughtfully removing this boys hat. I didn’t even have to ask him! Smart chirper.
This one had strong preferences for certain tunes on this woman’s i pod and danced in approval when she picked the ones he liked.
Big brother was quite brave and showed his little sister how to handle a big bird!
The staff thought this eclectus might enjoy calling The Holler home. The only hard part is walking away. We have room for free flight aviaries at The Holler, so someday….. I might be able to breed some birds that are critically endangered in the wild.
All I know is that I grew up not questioning God. God was there like the birds and the wind~ Jane Godall
Cheers to you from all your feathered friends~

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289 thoughts on “Fine Feathers~

  1. I remember at my junior school in the UK there being a minor bird called Major. Whoever named that bird certainly had a sense of humour. It was a shame because Major was in rather a small cage. I don’t own a bird but, if I did it would be given as much freedom as possible.


  2. The bird sanctuary and your visits of birds in the Holler are both good ways to fill in the holes where past birds lived. I am amazed you raised a heron and an egret, along with the parrots, parakeets and cockatiels. I may have too many ‘s’s’ on these choices of pets you raised but I really love birds, envy this choice of pets to care for over all the years. They do seem intelligent and special always. Of course, having a bird name I love birds, too! Hugs to you, Cindy for this gift of caring for them.


  3. Cindy, I love the brilliant colors of these birds, as well as the incredible detail (such as in the feathers) that you were able to capture in your photos. Birds are truly amazing creatures! My aunt and uncle once had a myna bird that learned to imitate their speech, some of it quite hilarious!


  4. Hello Cindy! Birds are beautiful and intelligent creatures. I could see why you love them so. Free Flight looks like a great pace to visit. The birds are so colorful and interesting. You’ve captured some of their personality. 😉


  5. These photgraphs are absolutely gorgeous. It’s so good to know there are people who care and house disabled birds. Maymont Park, in Richmond, Va. also has several birds on display who would/could never survive in the wild. In addition to a couple of bald eagles, they have owls, hawks, vultures, and I forget what else. Of course the prey birds that Maymont has are no where near as colorful as the handsome fellows in your lovely group of photos.

    I left a link for what I have posted on Maymont Park to date, but sadly, none of these posts show their birds. No matter, as symbolic as a Bald Eagle is, his feathers can’t compare in color and brilliance to those blues, greens, and reds your handsome parrots wear. Breathtaking colors. Wonderful Share. 🙂 Blessings to the man who has given these lovely creatures refuge.


    • Oh but I have special love for all raptors, remember it takes more than fine feathers to make fine birds. Raptors are magnificent, intelligent, powerful percision fliers and I spend lots of time observing them. Marymont Park seems a splendid place that I would love to visit, Thank you for sharing it with me and it is a real pleasure to know you! Cheers~

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, Cindy, and ditto. If ever you come to Richmond, Virginia, I can’t stress Maymont Park enough. It is a wonderful place—Richmond’s crowned jewel, in my point of view. I didn’t mean to downplay the importance or the beauty of the prey birds by any means, but you must admit, they are birds of a different feather—literally. 😉


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