Oslo Radhus~

Oslo’s radhus or town hall is covered with phenomenal artwork and murals.
The artwork decorating the inside and outside of the radhus depict scenes from Norwegian legends and history.
The murals were painted by Henrik Sorensons.
The hall is famous for hosting the annual Nobel Prize ceremony each December 10.
In addition to the murals, there are wood-carvings, ceramic art, and quilts.
Quilt detail.
The hall also has mosaics and gorgeous marble.
One of the many painted, carved-wood pieces waving and sending you cheers from Oslo’s glorious radhus~.

128 thoughts on “Oslo Radhus~

  1. Ah, now you’re in my family’s neighborhood! I have three nephews in the Oslo area with their families, but I haven’t gotten to visit there in years! Rådhuset is beautiful indeed. I’ve a certain fondness for Stortinget, myself, since Mom’s cousin once took my sister and me there when he was doing one of his ambassador stints on home turf. Pretty heady stuff for an American kid in the family’s old country for the first time! So fun to see these and remember seeing Rådhuset on the tour when we were there back then. Lovely, amazing art all over.


    • Oh what wonderful history and memories! I actually have been to Norway twice. Spent and extensive amount of time here with my kids several years ago. It is so gobsmackingly gorgeous!! Your childhood experiences sound divine!


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