Oslo Radhus~

Oslo’s radhus or town hall is covered with phenomenal artwork and murals.
The artwork decorating the inside and outside of the radhus depict scenes from Norwegian legends and history.
The murals were painted by Henrik Sorensons.
The hall is famous for hosting the annual Nobel Prize ceremony each December 10.
In addition to the murals, there are wood-carvings, ceramic art, and quilts.
Quilt detail.
The hall also has mosaics and gorgeous marble.
One of the many painted, carved-wood pieces waving and sending you cheers from Oslo’s glorious radhus~.

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  1. This is a town hall that exceeds anything I have ever seen. A museum and gallery that showcases their history and is free for all to see and admire.Their own little WHS. Beautiful.

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    Thank you Cindy! I love seeing the beautiful possibilities where people focus on what’s good instead of what is wrong. I would love it if our capital in Washington, D.C. had more colourful art, murals and beauty and less of the gridlock and unkindness that seems to “colour” it now.;-)

  3. Glorious is the word, indeed!!! Thanks for your wonderful pics, Cindy! I’m a bit of a fraidy-cat about flying, so flying around the world with you is the best! (OK, I fly when I have to!) but I like this better!

  4. Amazing building. Very colorful! They have long dark winters, so I guess they appreciate color. 🙂 I’m a bit envious of your travels. You’re blessed! Thanks for letting us travel vicariously!

    1. We forgo other things to focus on travel because it is what we really want to do. Having you travel along with us vicariously improves the experience for us, so thank you very much for coming along! You are a great traveler!! <3

  5. Cindy!!!
    Awesome. One of my favorite places in the whole world that I was fortunate enough to visit. For a “big,” city, it sure did not feel like one. The art, the people, the slow pace for a big city. Fabulous!! Thanks

    1. Yes. Construction stopped during the German occupation. It originally started in 1931. It resumed after the war and res ipsa loquitur. Simply wonderful. Art triumphs Uber alle in every country~

  6. Liebe Cindy das sind ja super Fotos und das in einem Rathaus sehr schöne Aufnahmen wunderbar sei ganz lieb gegrüßt und einen schönen Donnerstag wünscht dir Klaus in Freundschaft

  7. Such spectacular artwork! The style is so different and refreshing to me, as normally when I think ceiling murals, I think of the usual traditional classical ones like in Rome. These are really beautiful too!

  8. The way color is used in these art pieces is breathtaking! So vibrant and dynamic! In one of your recent posts. I mentioned that my boyfriend is Scandinavian in origin (Norwegian-Swedish) and, though he’s a bit out of touch with his roots, it’s such a strange coincidence that he paints in this style. Thanks for providing a wonderful glimpse into Norwegian art Cindy!

    1. Oh that is fascinating, possibly some genetic predisposition to this type of art???? I was seriously wondering why Henrik Sorensons wasn’t more famous. He is certainly brilliant and his murals are masterpieces~

      1. Wow, you’re quite right Cindy! I just looked up Henrik Sorensons work… just mind-blowing! Yeah, artistic preferences and style of expression might perhaps be due to genetic predisposition to some degree. After all, personality psychology has established strong relationships between personality traits and type of music individuals enjoy (and personality, as a fairly stable life-long phenomenon, has a strong genetic component). I’ll have to explore that. Thanks Cindy! 🙂

  9. The vibrant colors are so bold, and there is so much to discover in each image within an image. Great art finds, Cindy!

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  10. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this post and the wonderful photos and kind words, Cindy. I have never seen a nicer precentation of Oslo Rådhus. Take a bow. ❤️

  11. Magnificent colors in the murals. I appreciate your sharing your photos as I probably won’t get to see them in person. A beautiful post, Cindy. (And thanks for your visits, likes and comments on my blog, too) You are such a good “replier”

  12. Ah, now you’re in my family’s neighborhood! I have three nephews in the Oslo area with their families, but I haven’t gotten to visit there in years! Rådhuset is beautiful indeed. I’ve a certain fondness for Stortinget, myself, since Mom’s cousin once took my sister and me there when he was doing one of his ambassador stints on home turf. Pretty heady stuff for an American kid in the family’s old country for the first time! So fun to see these and remember seeing Rådhuset on the tour when we were there back then. Lovely, amazing art all over.

    1. Oh what wonderful history and memories! I actually have been to Norway twice. Spent and extensive amount of time here with my kids several years ago. It is so gobsmackingly gorgeous!! Your childhood experiences sound divine!

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