The Little Birds Said, “This and That.”

I have never seen such plump little birds! People everywhere in Switzerland make feeding the wild birds part of their daily routine.
There are entire shops like this one devoted to the feeding and housing of wild birds.
Do they smell a rat? A common foe in Montreux makes for a delicate alliance. Even the street cats like this one are fat and healthy.
Maybe it’s the wine that makes everyone so mellow? Of course it could be the beer….
Or maybe it’s all the exercise? The Swiss like to bicycle up the Alps. I like to sit in the train and take their picture. These last shots were taken from The Glacier Express train.
Of course it could be the continuous hits of Alpine beauty.
The lucky Swiss!
Who knows what it is? Maybe it’s in the water…..
I’m heading off the train now to go eat some Rosti with Swiss cheese!
And at the request of my good blogging friend Yellowcable, I have added a late addition, Rosti with Swiss cheese, minus a bite or three taken before the photo. I can’t help it. I’m powerless over rosti.
Cheers to you from well-fed Switzerland~

215 thoughts on “The Little Birds Said, “This and That.”

  1. Your photos remind me – whilst in Borneo a convoy of Swiss cyclists stayed over at our hotel for a couple of nights. Only the bicycle crazy Swiss would choose to cycle around a tropical country!


    • Laughing, we drove over the Alps a few years ago. It is serious drive and we did it on a super sunny day. There were literally many hundreds of Swiss biking over the pass, some sections are one way. My poor husband had to do the drive, dodging these bicyclists all the way up and down. It was pretty harrowing for us. Can you imagine for them? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Oh my… So jealous, especially after I saw the food! Glad you’re enjoying yourself out there Cindy! Looking forward to more pictures.


    • Laughing……you are my kinda girl! The food is a big factor for me too. Thank goodness we are hiking many miles each day so I don’t gain any weight. The Swiss unlike many other countries, put scales in the guest bathrooms so I can monitor my weight. It’s doing great so far despite the rosti! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You said it, nothing like the Swiss Alps ~ how lucky can they be. Such beauty ~ the busy travel schedule makes for a nice appetite too, so much better to enjoy the food! Such wonderful photos!


  4. I love the idea of the wild bird shops, how nice and the pictures of the mountain scenery stir wonderful emotions.
    Cheers Cindy ๐Ÿ˜€


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