Vancouver’s Multicultural Embrace~

Intricately beautiful street mural downtown Vancouver. Please click to enlarge to soak up all the detail. I love the energy and richness of Vancouver’s multicultural experience.
Check out these street murals at the entrance to Chinatown for example.
They provide snapshot depictions of Chinese Canadian history in the city.
I appreciate the artists who contribute their time and talent.
It is such fun eating in restaurants here and exploring the antique shops,
the food markets,
and the herbalists and herb shops.
Check out these monster dried mushrooms! Don’t they make you want to dine out in Chinatown? The food is divine!
Cheers to from Vancouver’s fascinating Chinatown~

166 thoughts on “Vancouver’s Multicultural Embrace~

  1. Hey there,
    Pictures speaks louder than words, and some of them remain in our mind for a lifetime, These are wonderful pictures and they have so much life in them.Have you created these by yourself ?
    please tell me about these pictures origin.
    May Allah bless you and your loved ones. ameen


  2. HI Cindy!
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
    I love that mural – it’s wild how someone can see that to be able to pain it.
    I suppose they see their work inside – I do…
    You are a terrific photo blogger. Thanks.
    ~ Eric


  3. Fabulous shots! I love murals – I once did an art history paper on wall art and “graffiti”. There is such a story behind much of it. Great imagery!


  4. Very cool. We went through a moment of panic a few years ago when our son considered school there. The more I found out about the city the more appealing it seemed. I dreaded him going there – I was afraid if he did, he’d never come back. Thank God he picked a school in the East. The street murals are great–and I’d be willing to bet you can find Asian ingredients there the rest of us can only dream about. Ken


    • Yes!!! You would love the restauraunts and markets. Some it the restauraunts are so authentic it takes some getting used to!!! But it was fascinating! Cheers & thanks for stopping by~


  5. Amazing murals… sometimes proportions can be difficult to get right, but these are lovely! Still, you have such an eye for unique and beautiful shots with your camera! Thanks for posting what I’ll probably never see. 😀


  6. Woah!
    The lingzhi mushrooms in the last photo are HUGE!
    By the way, CIndy, do you notice that there is a “different” statue in the 5th photo?
    There’s a terracotta soldier among the deities! L-o-L!


  7. Wow, this is all quite impressive! Love the foods in jars and the lovely mushrooms, paintings! Thanks for sharing! I also want to thank you for visiting and liking my blog. I appreciate your support and friendship. Stay well, my friend!


  8. Cindy,
    We recently came across your blog and the photos are spectacular. We would like to use part of one on the new home page of our website that we are now designing. It is the street mural of the two faces looking out. Our idea is to use the face of the woman on the right. I cannot tell if these photos are copyrighted, so I am requesting permission to use this, or if you license them in any way, can you please send me the information? We are a non-profit legal services organization that provides free legal assistance to low-income New Yorkers in the areas of housing, benefits, immigration, consumer, employment, civil & disability rights and family law. Thank you very much!


    • Thank you very much for asking. As a clinical social worker, I am particularly honored to support a non-profit legal firm that assists low income clients with their compelling legal concerns. Please use my photos in any manner you choose to support your organization and clients and have a wonderful day. Thank you for the important work do!


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