Encanta la Ciudad Vieja de San Juan~


Love the Old City of San Juan Puerto Rico!

It reminds me of an old walled European city.
But with larger American cars,
that mess up photos! Laughing…..

Old San Juan was founded in 1506 by Spain and some of the old buildings, need to be rennovated, which would be so much fun to do!
Others are meticulously well maintained.
When I come home everything looks beige by comparison.


Don’t you love such creative use of color?

Hope the vibrant architecture of beautiful Old San Juan cheers your day!

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  1. pi314chron

    Cindy — Just Wow! Incredible photographs…I feel like I’ve had a mini-vacation…without the hassle of airports! I had never seen a photograph of San Juan, and now I see what I have missed! But it was worth it to see that charming city through your eyes. Thank you!!

    Ron — http://randalane.wordpress.com

    1. Yes, there is a warmth and family cohesiveness in Hispanic countries that I so appreciate. A kindness and eagerness to have a good time. They celebrate children. I just love the culture. Thank you for the perceptive question~

  2. You have ‘framed’ a lot of beautifully colored photographs! I appreciated your comment on my post. You have an ‘eye’ for taking the most gorgeous, boldest patterns and love the church picture, also! The intricate patterns in the mosaics and the details all capture me! Smiles, Robin

  3. These are absolutely super photographs…I feel as though am in front of those houses…in those streets…
    No wonder those tourists who confuse Puerto Rico with Costa Rica look a bit bemused when they hit our San Jose!

    1. Such beauty! This wonderful influence of Spain, Asia and Indigenous art blending to create unique but connected architectual imprints. I just love it! I can imagine the confusion and the reason for it, but it is all so beautiful!

  4. This city is like a rainbow in and of itself! Though we live in the Smokey Mountains of NC now, Mathair and I are Southwest Floridians (eight generations strong) and with the Cuban culture so inherent in Florida’s makeup, you’d think we’d be used to stuff like this, but you capture it so beautifully and seeing these things through your eyes is like revisiting Florida and being home. Wonderful post, Cindy. Love the images. Sharing now. 🙂

    1. I am fascinated to learn your histories. My husband was a prof at Chapel Hill for nine years. I have never been to the Smokey Mountains but would love to see them. Hear they are spectacular. Florida, well we go several times a year. You are beach babies just like I am, California, but eight generations of your family! That is some serious history. Fascinating! There is is a similar beach vibe and where I grew up, next to the border, a Latin vibe too. But Cuban culture and food is unique. What an interesting life you two have! I of course, want to know more…….

  5. Strange—even mysterious
    The photos of a town that give me a sense of déjà vu
    I swear I have never been to that town in my whole life
    Yet whence comes that strong sense of déjà vu?

    I see the people walking, standing or minding to their business of today
    They are there so matter-of-factly
    But they must be the descendents of the people who built the town
    So they must have the same sense of beauty as that their ancestors had

    The beauty cannot be felt or seen by itself
    But through the architecture, paintings, poems or what have you
    That people create to express their sense of beauty
    The sense must be immutable and common among all the people

    Am I too quick to come to a conclusion?
    But I’m only saying things by intuition
    I’m proud of my having the sense of déjà vu
    Were I in the photos, I’d be shaking hands with those people

    Deep down is the sense in everybody’s heart
    But long forgotten or ignored to acknowledge
    Thus wars, wars and wars

    1. How interesting you should say this!
      I too have experienced several instances of deja vu. The earliest when I was around six. Quite powerful when you experience and also pretty close to impossible to discount. Your impressions strike me as powerful and very on mark. How very remarkable!
      I don’t hear you making conclusions, just noting your impressions. Old San Juan has a very strong effect on me which is quite impossible to articulate. The photos do it for me. I am quite pleased they provoked this response in you and hope that you are too.
      You may consider keeping the prose you wrote. I have a file. You can refer to it and look for patterns over time to try to disern more of what it might mean to you.
      I am no expert on this, but I very much respect your feelings and experience and am so pleased you chose to share them.

  6. Yes, the vibrancy of the colors and the history behind the buildings makes for a wonderful vacation and like you said, coming home a little dreary. However, what you capture behind your lens is never dull or boring – HW.

  7. I love walking the streets with you on a sunny day, especially since we are in the middle of a huge snowstorm in Vancouver – hard to believe that we are getting so much snow. 🙂

    1. It just woudldn’t be the same without you along! I’m serious. You are such a good blogging friend. Vancouver is such a wonderful city. I can imagine that it is quite cold now. Stay warm and safe. There you are in snow, and here at The Holler there are now dead orchards around us and we are in the midst of the worst drought in California’s recorded history! Our orchards are alive, but many around us are not. Not good…..

      1. I am so very glad that we connected!!! I feel a profound sense of kindred spirits when I come to your place. You welcome the world!!! Thank you, Cindy for giving joy to our community…

    1. Interesting point that I hadn’t thought of because it does coordinate beautifully doesn’t it! Old San Juan has UNESCO world site structures in it so I suspect it is possible~

  8. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Cindy! If a travel magazine is not paying you to be there-they **should be**!!! I get more than enough hot weather here in St Petersburg but these luscious images make me want to jump on a plane:-) I am seriously going to print these out and refer to them when I get past the primer coat stage in painting my house. Coming home to that sort of cheery colour would be ideal:-)

    1. St. Petersburg is a very old city too, I believe, if not mistaken. These creative color combos might look beautiful and fit the climate. You are so kind and so appreciated my friend. Thank you and hugz to you~

      1. Thank you! St Petersburg is not too old-and run often by developers who seem to fear thst if we dont bulldoze or blow up anything more than a few decades old the city will collapse:-/ St Augustine is the old city here in Florida. Tho we do have some of the lovely colors at least in my neighborhood a lot of people are bringing about a real Key West/Caribbean vibe. Its more spaced out tho with lots of more staid stuff in between. Sometime when I’m feeling better I will get some photos of the more artistic houses and gardens to post. I think the garden art in my neighborhood is exceptionally interesting as we have a lot of artists and musicians here. If I had your talent with a camera I could post lots of cool seabirds but they are usually too fast for me except the ubiquitous Pelicans on channel markers:-)

      2. Oh I look forward to the post! I sounds wonderful. Yes St. Augustine is what I was thinking of. I would love to see the garden art too. Hoping you are feeling better soon and look forward to seeing these posts! Cheers my friend~

    1. That is part of what makes the Old City so special! FYI: I was just talking to my mother about NZ. She told me to tell you specifically that she thinks all of your country should be a national park! She likes your blog. Cheers to you my friend~

      1. How wonderful that your mother likes my blog. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Please tell her that I am very happy about that. Our New Zealand is so lightly populated that it almost does feel as though the whole country is a national park. We are spoiled.

    1. Yes exactly like me. The sense of lingering presence is wonderful. We stayed in a fifteenth century hotel in Rothenberg Germany, it was so wonderful. In Bruge we are staying is a small castle……can’t get enough of this time travel!

    1. Spectacular blog and I am now following it Graham. Thank you so much for this wonderful introduction. I will spend more time today exploring the wonderful posts. What a brilliant introduction Graham. Most appreciative. Cheers to you my friend~

  9. I reblogged rikki tikki tavi with the comment:-

    I have not had time to post for a while. So I thought I would reblog something worth seeing. Two blogs, both have many fabulous photographs. These are just samples. They remind me of the worth of our planet and the best of our contributions to it. 🙂


      1. You are very welcome 🙂 There is another entry but I think it might have got got lost somewhere at the end. To be sure :-
        Please allow me to introduce you to one another. I believe that you will enjoy each other’s work.

        Por favor, permítame que le presente a los otros. Yo creo que usted disfrutará de trabajo de los demás.



        Repeated on the other blog. Bye Bye 🙂

  10. Always a darn car in the way! 😛 I can’t get over how colorful and vibrant everything is there! I imagine it must make the people who live there happy to see such cheery colors each day.

  11. The colours and the scenes are so postcard pretty! My favourite is the fourth photograph. The perspective of the street with so many interesting details, including the cobbled street, the flags, the nun, and all the balconies and windows. It’s a gorgeous shot!

  12. queste immagini sono davvero spettacolari e ringrazio il blogger Grahamatlinc per avermi permesso di poterlo ammirare!
    see you soon
    These images are truly spectacular and thank the blogger Grahamatlinc for letting me be able to admire!

  13. Beautiful, gorgeous, colorful photos, I can visualize it, and can’t believe that a year has past since we were there. I’m not sure if I responded to your question before (I have been so busy)… this weekend we are visiting my son, a short visit. On the last day of March, we are flying into Delhi 2 days, to Singapore 2 days, take a 31-day cruise on Ocean Princess to 2 stops Malaysia, Mumbai, Oman, Dubai and all East of Africa to Cape Town. As elites! 😀 ))) After that, Mid Sept, we are going to Japan for 6 weeks (includes all around japan cruise of 27 days). I guess that’s it for 2014. I will come home with mediocre photos to share. 😉

    1. Laughing……you will come home with marveous posts to share! I can’t wait to see them! We will be elite for our cruise to Russia in September……I wonder when we will be on the same ship? I will definitely know you when I see you! What spectacular plans my friend, you know to live your life to the max! One never knows when it will end. I want to do the Japan cruise too. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on Africa. I am in love with the continent. Sending your comment to Jim. Have a wonderful time with you son this weekend. Next time I head to SF, I will alert you to see if we can meet~

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  16. I just love all of your wonderful tile shots, Cindy! Each and every one of them! They remind me of some of our most wonderful times in Avalon on Cataliina Island.

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