Encanta la Ciudad Vieja de San Juan~


Love the Old City of San Juan Puerto Rico!

It reminds me of an old walled European city.
But with larger American cars,
that mess up photos! Laughing…..

Old San Juan was founded in 1506 by Spain and some of the old buildings, need to be rennovated, which would be so much fun to do!
Others are meticulously well maintained.
When I come home everything looks beige by comparison.


Don’t you love such creative use of color?

Hope the vibrant architecture of beautiful Old San Juan cheers your day!

172 thoughts on “Encanta la Ciudad Vieja de San Juan~

  1. I reblogged rikki tikki tavi with the comment:-

    I have not had time to post for a while. So I thought I would reblog something worth seeing. Two blogs, both have many fabulous photographs. These are just samples. They remind me of the worth of our planet and the best of our contributions to it. 🙂



  2. Always a darn car in the way! 😛 I can’t get over how colorful and vibrant everything is there! I imagine it must make the people who live there happy to see such cheery colors each day.


  3. The colours and the scenes are so postcard pretty! My favourite is the fourth photograph. The perspective of the street with so many interesting details, including the cobbled street, the flags, the nun, and all the balconies and windows. It’s a gorgeous shot!


  4. Such beautiful pictures and so much colour. It really cheers you up just looking at them.
    Here in the UK everything is grey, especially the buildings – sadly.

    Have a lovely day!
    Katarina 🙂


  5. queste immagini sono davvero spettacolari e ringrazio il blogger Grahamatlinc per avermi permesso di poterlo ammirare!
    see you soon
    These images are truly spectacular and thank the blogger Grahamatlinc for letting me be able to admire!


  6. Beautiful, gorgeous, colorful photos, I can visualize it, and can’t believe that a year has past since we were there. I’m not sure if I responded to your question before (I have been so busy)… this weekend we are visiting my son, a short visit. On the last day of March, we are flying into Delhi 2 days, to Singapore 2 days, take a 31-day cruise on Ocean Princess to 2 stops Malaysia, Mumbai, Oman, Dubai and all East of Africa to Cape Town. As elites! 😀 ))) After that, Mid Sept, we are going to Japan for 6 weeks (includes all around japan cruise of 27 days). I guess that’s it for 2014. I will come home with mediocre photos to share. 😉


    • Laughing……you will come home with marveous posts to share! I can’t wait to see them! We will be elite for our cruise to Russia in September……I wonder when we will be on the same ship? I will definitely know you when I see you! What spectacular plans my friend, you know to live your life to the max! One never knows when it will end. I want to do the Japan cruise too. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on Africa. I am in love with the continent. Sending your comment to Jim. Have a wonderful time with you son this weekend. Next time I head to SF, I will alert you to see if we can meet~


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  9. I just love all of your wonderful tile shots, Cindy! Each and every one of them! They remind me of some of our most wonderful times in Avalon on Cataliina Island.


  10. Wow Wow Wow! Your eye for a breathtaking photo is amazing! The colors in these photos are beautiful! I wish we lived close so I could be your student, well at least carry your equipment : ) hehe


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