The Ancient Place!


Red Rock Canyon State Park is located in Southern California in the Mojave Desert. The canyon is composed of sandstone cliffs thousand’s of feet high, resting on ancient limestone and topped with volcanic rock. Check out these amazing formations! They reminded me of The Valley of the Kings in Egypt. (Click to enlarge).


The formations are approximately 14 million years old. The park is full of fossilized dinosaurs including elephants, extinct rhinos, three-toed horses, saber-tooth tigers and much more. It contains the richest concentrations of fossilized flora and fauna in Western North America. It is still being excavated by the Museum of Natural History.

Check out the people climbing in one area of the park. I included them so you could how massive these structures are!


The canyon sits on top of what was once an ancient inland lake. It is composed of sedimentary and igneous rock layers.


The vibrant red colors in the rock are from leeching iron oxide.

Red Rock Canyon was lifted by three seismic faults which pushed ancient rock to the surface. Wind, rain and sand erosion carved the beautiful structures in the sandstone.


This area was used as a trade route by Native Americans for thousands of years and is home to delicate desert flora and fauna.


Winter is a great time to visit! It is empty and not too hot. Cheers to you from the pristine and empty Red Rock Canyon!

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  1. Awesome! The canyon looks like an imaginary city populated by giants who built breathtaking monuments specifically for National Geographic. Are you sure you do not work for National Geo?

  2. Well, this may be a repeat comment Cindy. I don’t know what happened to the first one but it said how much I love your photography and the information you provide along with those awesome shots. Are you sure you don’t work for Nat’l Geo?

    1. I can well imagine, especially because of the weather. The other thing great about this time of year in the canyon is that no one is there. You have the place to yourself~

  3. Magnificent! The red in the rock reminds me of when I visited Roussillon in the Provence Region of France. They too, are spectacular to see if you ever have the chance;)

  4. It is beautiful, I have seen it at least a couple hundred times and every time I have seen it, I have always though of how pretty it is, including here in these pictures. Thank you for posting the pics.

    1. You have seen it 99 times more than I and if it weren’t for my clever husband I wouln’t have seen it either and I am a native Southern Californian! Kudos to you for knowing about it for so long~

  5. Wow, that looks incredible. My daughter’s in-laws live in Ridgecrest. I’ll have to ask them about this. Maybe we could plan a trip there sometime. Thanks for the great photos and info!

    1. Yes! Somehow this sense of insignificance in the face of natural splendor calms me down. Feeling less important in the scope of things is freeing. Buddha of course, advised just this and if we are one with nature we never really end do we? Part of the whole. Love this feeling~

  6. really smart sequencing–and as a girl, I love the color coordination…:) From the grand, to the tiny, this place is gorgeous, and you captured its essence. Good perspective shot with the peeps, too. You need that…

  7. Great photos. I love desert landscapes. Have you been to the Bisti Badlands / De-Na-Zin Wilderness area in northern NM? There are whole petrified trees lying around, all kinds of interesting shaped hoodoos, and fantastic landforms in all kinds of colors. Lots of dinosaurs have been found there, as well.

    1. No I haven’t but it sounds fantastic. I love deserts, in the spring, fall and winter! There are whole petrified logs in Mojave National Park too…..just laying there. Such wonder to behold on our small planet~

    1. Yay!! Then I have not blogged in vain! The more people see of our world, the more they will want to protect it. I know I’m preaching to the choir with you, but I do hope you visit and post about it!

  8. I love these pictures! I think we sometimes lose sight of what amazing transformations our Earth has undergone throughout its existence, but these pictures are a beautiful reminder.

    1. Yes all the multiple extinctions and drastic climate changes from ice age, to swamp age, to ocean everywhere age, species rising and falling. The only real norm on this planet is dramatic change. We humans are simply one stage in this cycle. So happy you like the post~

  9. i love the desert and these photos are gorgeous. I am envious. Also, I realized I had only partially posted the Lucky story. I’ve updated if you want to read the rest of it. Thank you for posting these wonderful photographs. Makes me want to go back.

      1. The desert is always on my bucket list. I never get tired of it. I think I reblogged something about a trip into the desert. I’ll have to look again at your amazing photos and dream…

    1. I agree completely! I am a desert rat!! I always visit your blog and like it but can’t comment or find your like button. I was just there and typed a comment which wouldn’t post. Please kinow I like your blog and appreciate the validity and stress of chemical sensitivity. Cheers to you and thank you!

  10. Thanks for taking us to this magical place. Isn’t it amazing how the elements gave shape to such amazing rock structures that look like palaces left behind by some extinct civilization. Another site for my bucket list….

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  12. Sandstone makes such royal and magnificent structures as it weathers away! I loved these photos and your words to accompany them! Thanks for sharing this! It made my day! Wish it were the warm desert here! Smiles, Robin

  13. I love the title right-away! I love everything ancient, probably because I have always been “categorized” as ancient by my friends. L-O-L!!!

    This place looks so beautiful. It looks as if it is not a part of this planet! It makes me imagine of some exotic creatures living in a desert-like planet. πŸ˜€

    The plant in the last photo looks so cute. I wonder if the “white hairs” are flowers of needle-like leaves!

    1. Yes the ancient places are spiritual and exude peacefulness. I love being around them. There were so many mythical creatures here long ago. So many dinosaurs including huge “bone crunching” dogs that I had never hear of. I know this will get your imagination going Hari! And yes the flower was a prickler…….the kind that sticks to your sock and itches!

  14. Beautiful shots capturing the grandeur of such unusual sights, Cindy! It looks like the ruins of an ancient city or the set of a fantasy movie. Great idea including the people for perspective of the size.

  15. Red Rock Canyon state park is absolutely incredible and the rock formations are amazing ! Beautiful photos you’ve took and shows us that this gorgeous park is more than worthy to visit it πŸ™‚ !

  16. Stunning Cindy! I grew up not far from there. Have you been to Red Rock National Park just outside Las Vegas? It is very different but equally beautiful.

      1. Beautiful! Yes, Josh is the one who took me to Red Rock. He also his own financial planning practice that he is planning to go full-time with in the near future.

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