The Secret of Hummingbird Attraction Revealed!

Okay, I’ll fess up!
It’s not the nectar.

Here’s all you have to do.
Just whistle Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida.”
Okay……. you should do it in tune. They’ll skid to a stop in mid-air.

They are mesmerized by “Viva la Vida!”
They will stop what they are doing, and watch, and listen!

It is best if you can sound just like this:

If you do, they will be stunned into flightless stupor. They will sit politely. They will not try to kill each other, and they will watch you, like this:
It’s unheard of for them to sit politely and share a branch. What can I say? They love Coldplay?
Or is it David Garret?
Of course, it could also be that my whistling is so out of tune and discordant, it renders them dumbstruck and flightless.
Whatever. I suggest you try it. Just whistle Vida while you work and see what flies over!
Cheers to you from my marvelous, musically-inclined, little hummers!

133 thoughts on “The Secret of Hummingbird Attraction Revealed!

  1. Just gorgeous Cindy. Love this collection of photos. I even had a wonderful little chuckle…nearly spilt my coffee as well. But one thing I’m totally sure of in this … whistling just won’t do it….won’t make the grade I’m afraid! I think we better stick with David Garret.

    1. No but I couldn’t stop whistling it after listening to this clip and the hummingbirds loved it!!! So who knows! Finish your coffee and give it a try, no telling what you’ll attract!! lol~

  2. Reblogged this on Veraiconica's Blog and commented:
    Cindy, I love all the beautiful hummingbird images, they are so adorable creatures. What a neat idea incorporating the music of David Garrett with these pictures.
    Thank you for this beautiful post! Hugs! Veraiconica

    1. You my dear, are the one who introduced me to David Garret for which I am very grateful! I now own three of his cd’s and we are planning to go see him in concert all due to you! So thanks you to you my friend, many of them! Hugz too~

    1. Oh God I hope not!! Although Coldplay rocks, I am not a huge Goop fan. Her new xmas list for the rich and brainless left me underwhelmed. Gosh now I won’t be invited for dinner at their house with Beyonce, JZ and Emeril……

  3. That’s true, right? Coz I’m going to try it. We have 4 feeders, and there are 2 at the front porch, which seems to be the favotites of our resident hummingbirds.

    1. It really is true! They love melodic whistling melodies, especially Viva la Vida. Do it for
      awhile, one will come listen, two, then more. Even the ravens seemed to like it! Let me know what happens…..

  4. What a wonderful way to start my morning. I’ve been a tad consumed by family. I need to get into a routine where I visit here more often!!! Too cold now here for hummers. But I’m always taking to my birdies.

    Hugs, Jules

  5. Your very own hummingbird call. I wonder if there’s a market for that? One day my sister’s cat tried to sneak up on a hummingbird feeding in flowers near her deck. The hummingbird left the flowers and hovered in midair just out of the cat’s reach, scolding the cat loudly for several minutes before flying off. If only we’d had a video camera handy!

      1. Thanks, Cindy. Tom and I both love wildlife of all types. I’m currently working on putting up winter feeders and bird baths that are heated in order to make our area a bird and critter friendly sanctuary over the bitter winter months. One of my favorite purchases is two tiny sprays that attach to the birdbaths. The sprays are ever so gentle and it allows the birds to keep their wings and bodies free of debries that might hinder their flying and the hummingbirds zoom in and out. The hummers are really funny. Tom teases me every year that I should put out tiny bars of soap and wee hand towels for everyone to dry off with as they finish their daily bathing!

  6. STUNNING snaps! 😀 I love the sounds they make — I hear them, and wait for them to appear at the feeder! I cannot distinguish many others but the hummers are unmistakeable to my ear! 😀

    1. Yes they make the humming noise that sounds like a bumble bee and alerts you they are there before you see them. They also hector each other with the super rapid clicking which I also love to emulate with them! Such fun~

  7. Cindy you are a bird lady supremo my friend I love looking at your beautiful hummers and I can picture you whistling while you work with a cluster of little jewels swirling around your head

  8. Seriously?? OMG that is so cool. Beautiful shots of the hummers!! We just started getting hummingbirds and hummingbird moths this year hear in the Chicagoland area, something about global warming and a temp rise of one degree? Who knows but they are wonderful. Unfortunately I also learned the horror of praying mantis eating them!!!! We had a huge praying mantis hanging around and thought it was cool then heard what they eat!:-0 Never would have guessed that!

      1. Try hanging the feeder where you can keep a close eye on it, away from shrubs. They sit and plan their attacks, so if it’s where you can watch and is in plain view it’s better. That said no one can watch 24/7 so if it is hanging free, away from bushes in a high human traffic area, it’s better. Best of luck! I move them when I see them. Far away. This results in them leaving~

  9. Don’t the birds look like proud warriors?
    They are like fairy creatures, watching over their lands, ever-ready to defend their sanctuary.
    (I have read too many books, it seem, or have too wild an imagination! L-O-L!)

  10. Who doesn’t love “Cold Play” ? I shall remember that this spring when I get a hummingbird feeder. Will see who comes when I play Cold Play.
    These photographs are amazing. So beautiful. Don’t see many hummingbirds as I use to.
    Thanks for sharing these

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