Our Little Cabin in the Big Woods!


The Main Lodge


Our rented Trappers Cabin. Really one room en suite with a tiny kitchenette.



The interior and exterior details are exceptional. Old shotgun rack.

A good place to blog.

Looking out the front door.

This is a hand-carved inlaid storage chest/coffee table.

The bed is made of lodge poles with a buffalo light headboard.

DSC05062 (1)

The backyard! A good place to chill out and swing and wait for critters to come and drink. You can see the cabin through the trees.

You never know who might amble on by!

grizzly (4)

Cheers to you from our little cabin in the big woods!

148 thoughts on “Our Little Cabin in the Big Woods!

  1. Wow, it would be hard to leave a place like that! Beautiful! Cindy, I was wondering if you would mind my featuring you and your photos in a post sometime — there are a handful of photographers that have been such an influence and that I’ve learned a lot from that I would like to post about, you having been such a wonderful encouragement and influence to me. I understand and will honor it if you would rather I not, and I do usually try to ask first, lol. Either way, I really want to thank you for all the motivation and encouragement you’ve given me since becoming a blogger!


    • You have a natural wit and sense of humor that makes your blog a blast and your photography is just wonderful, so it is easy to encourage! I would be honored Becky and thank you for your encouragement! Cheers & hugz~


  2. Gorgeous Cindy! I’ve been south while you’ve been north…LOL Trading spaces is fun. I think that Cabin is so cute. My friends built one not too far from Jasper. I’ll have to share your post with her.


  3. Okay Cindy forgive the excessive jealousy I’m about to spit! I officially hate you! LOL No one should be privy to that kind of beauty unless they’re residents of Heaven. I’m not even joking when I say, that is the most beautiful place I’ve EVER laid eyes on. It’s been a dream of mine & my daughters to make enough money from our books that we can uproot & move to the West Coast, more specifically Washington State. Although we live in North Carolina, the Smoky Mountains, which is beautiful, we have always loved Washinton. (The Olympic Peninsula). This looks like the pictures we’ve seen of it. So I have to ask you now, where….or rather what state is this Heavenly place? Going to bed tonight & dreaming of YOUR cabin. lol


    • First off people who are really jealous never admit it. The truth is these photos tapped into a dream you have of an ideal place. This is special and important when it happens because it helps you to visualize your dreams more clearly. I would guess from your response that you yearn for a simple life in the forest, amidst nature, in a cabin that exudes warmth and snugness, and is artfully lovely, yet rustic. I have been in such a cabin on The Olympic Peninsula in the Kalalach area (sp?) It does possess all these traits, a relatively temperate climate, yet rainy and lush.
      This particular cabin was in Alberta Canada in the Bow Valley. It does get hard winters.
      Dream and dream some more. It focuses your conscious and unconscious energies. If you really want it, you just may very well get it!
      Here’s hoping you do!!


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