Patagonian Memories!

Stunning Patagonia. We were back for the second time in January of this year.

This is a saltwater marsh bird-sanctuary in El Calafate Argentina. It looked like a Monet painting.

These Harrier Hawks were guarding their nest and dove at us repeatedly. We wore tie on hats and protective eyewear and ducked a lot. We moved out of their nesting territory, but not before I took some shots. It was quite exhilarating!
Note the talons!

He looks rather annoyed at me doesn’t he!

The Southern Caracara’s were everywhere!

DSC04247 (1)
We came upon this herd of oncoming traffic while exploring down a dirt road in Las Rocas, El Calafate. You can see why Patagonia is famous for its horses. They were a gorgeous sight, and a bit of a problem as the road had no shoulder! They streamed around us quite politely though!
DSC03896 (1)
El Perito Morena Glacier El Calafate.

DSC04802 (1)
This Night Heron was in Ushuaia Argentina, the southern most city in the world, nicknamed El Fin Del Mundo. Of course we want to go back!
Cheers to you and happy Tuesday!

113 thoughts on “Patagonian Memories!

  1. That first shot with the reflection of the flamingos in the water is stunning. Is that a splash from calving ice falling off the glacier? I also really like the night heron and the way it seems to be studying its reflection.

  2. Cindy, I literally sighed aloud in pleasure to see there are yet wild horses. This post is tops–that shot is sooOOooo Monet–and your cropping certainly insured maximum effect. The birds…wow. You spruced up my morning considerably!! (and those are some hoooge talons) Brave shutterbug girl…

  3. Oh I was there! In about 1978 I think! And in Ushuaia. I want to go back. We fly to Buenos Aires Sept 25. I will send this to Don to show him why we must go to Patagonia.
    Beautiful. Swoon.

    1. Patagonia really is a place where you point a camera anywhere and it is eye candy. The only place I have seen to rival it is Antarctica and it’s just a hop and a skip away across the Drake Passage. Thank you for your kind comments~

  4. Cindy, these are all stunning photos, espcially the top one with the flamingos, and the hawk – the expression in his eyes seems full of deep meaning, and of course, I’m partial to the night heron. Thanks for sharing your fabulous trip!

      1. You’re welcome. I’m always amazed to see herons from my area appearing in such distant lands, even knowing that many migrate from New England to South America, it still seems surprising to me.

  5. excellent shots you took. May I ask what camera and size did you use? I love how the bird stands out front of the background in the photo you think he is annoyed with you

    1. Oooooh he was annoyed. He kept going after me and I kept ducking and taking his photo!! lol! This was my old camera that was not as good as my current one. My current camera is a Sony HX300 w/50x optical zoom. I do like all the sony’s though……

  6. I was there a few years ago and your photos brought back some wonderful memories. I tried so hard for a good flamenco shot and never got one that I liked. Yours is fabulous!!

    1. I got this other three part shot because I purposely startled the flamingos to snap them taking off (don’t tell anyone this!!!). I got a three part series that I posted on my blog under the Patagonia category. It was the flamingos running on water to take off, splashing as they lifted off, and flying in gorgeouse pink & red flock. Thank goodness I posted these shots because I inadvertantly deleted the first shot of the sequence from my computer which is a major drag. Thanks for your kind words Tina, they are very much appreciated~

  7. Definitely National Geo standard! The H. Hawk doesn’t look nearly as impressed with you as your hummingbirds. He rather looks like he was tempted to keep a piece of you. The first picture, composition-wise, with those glorious stripes of color — WOW! And the horses, you must have a super-fast shutter for that to be a crisp photo. All glorious. I’ll hope to go one day, too.

    1. You could write the most awesome tales down there!! It is made for a creative writer like you! I hope you do go and thank you so much for your wonderful comments!

  8. I have no doubt you will return there! I bet you have already penciled in a return visit on your calendar ๐Ÿ˜‰ I predict it will be after you have made another visit to New Zealand because you haven’t seen everything here yet, because you missed me on your last visit ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You voiced my thoughts exactly. I have a few blogging friends, some of the same ones as you, who I am just itching to meet!! I think about how we could accomplish this. If I won the 60 million dollar lottery, I would pay for us to rent an island like Necker, and we could all meet there. So, I think, I should win the 60 million dollar lottery and then you can join me on Necker Island…….Then I’ll head back over to NZ and OZ so I can eat your wonderful dishes and see your garden and look at your photos!!!

      1. If that is the Necker Island I think you are thinking of, perhaps we should ask Richard to fly us all there. In return, he will have legions of bloggers singing his praises ๐Ÿ˜‰ That seems a good deal to me.

  9. Your photos are always stunning. My son, (a world traveler like you!) has been just about everywhere EXCEPT here. I was actually describing a few of your travels to him last week when he visited. You’re inspiring!

      1. Your welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ Bear with me a little bit longer…by the end of this month I should be exam-free and be back to regular visiting and commenting. It is a very task to fit everything in at the moment and frustrating not to be able to put the time in on W/P that I would like. But nobody is forgotten and my lack of visiting is blog-versal not personal to any one person! Wolfie hugs and wishing for a lovely weekend for you, now that it is almost upon us ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Stunning, indeed… lucky you, Miss Cindy! ๐Ÿ™‚ All the people who have been there were beyond excited and happy… excellent pix, thanx for sharing!
    – – –
    Merci for dropping by the NP, I do appreciate, it’s an honor… Respectful regards, Mรฉlanie NB

  11. Busy days this week with my Little Miss (about 1 and 1/2 months old now) and Big Brother.
    Keeping me on my toes while they are here and looking for my pillow when they leave!

    Lovely shots as always! Thank you.

  12. Beautiful place to visit with so many different sites to see — you never run out! Yes, the hawk was, indeed — if looks could kill, that hawk would have you dead! The horses were an especially nice shot — beautiful!

  13. Beautiful place. I love your impressionist style of photography – I mean the background of the hawk pics. Monet would approve;)
    I am now more keen than ever to visit. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Cindy, I want to write a piece on the ends of the earth in a haibun (poetry interwoven with prose), but I haven no suitable pictures. Can I use either Banff or Patagonia pictures of yours, with a link and captions attributing them to you? You images have become icons to me, of places I would like to go, and may not get to ever. Let me know, peace and joy, Brenda

    1. I would be more than honored and would love to see what you do! I hope people use and enjoy the photos which makes posting them worthwhile! My photos would be very proud to sit next to your fine prose. And please, you are going to Banff right? And time will tell, don’t write off Patagonia. I could never have imagined 20 years ago, all the places I am going now. One never knows…..which makes life exciting! Thank you Brenda. I am pleased and honored~

      1. I have written a piece, and there is a place for your glacier picture. How exciting!! I might manage a picture of Banff, too, I will look again. I wish I could go myself, but I may not be able to swing it this year. We’ve had to renovate a bathroom to remove mold, and I just don’t think we can afford to fly to Calgary, too. Another year, I will hope to go. ๐Ÿ™‚

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