Crowned Eagle!

The Crowned Eagle is the most powerful eagle in Africa. It can fly at up to 100 mph silently and kill prey that weigh up to 44 pounds. We saw these eagles hunting in Africa and it was an unbelieveably impressive sight. Mated eagle pairs often hunt together which is what we observed. They are monogamous unless their mate dies, and they return to the same nest for many years.
Crowned Eagles are the only surviving members of their genus, the Madagascar Crowned Hawk Eagle which became extinct about a thousand years ago.
The San Diego Zoo had the first Crowned Eagle hatched in captivity in 1996.
I imagine this is how the eagle might look to it’s prey as it closed in. Rather intimidating no?
If one of these eagles escaped from the zoo and flew over to The Holler, the red-tailed hawks would catch the next air draft to Arizona!

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  1. Just a quick FYI comment… lately (2 weeks or so) I am having hard times getting to your blog, i.e. it takes a long time for your blog to show-up, and when it does it is all distorted. If you like, at the beginning of one of your post, ask if anyone else have the same problem. 🙁

    1. Hey, so good to hear from you and thank you! In two days I will have been blogging for one year. You were supporting me from the start! Thank you & cheers to you~

  2. That Eagle eye might look scary but it belongs to a creature who keeps faith with a partner year after year; I find that aspect of the eagle’s behaviour very lovely. As for that Turkey…. very free and easy by comparison 🙂

  3. That bird does not look like a “happy camper”!! I think all raptors have a disdainful, regal bearing about them and most of them live with that “grumpy” look all the time. Great photos, Cindy. How does this bird compare in size to a Golden eagle?

    1. Check out this link. The Crowned Eagle is a super powerful bird with a lot of strength and power, but a Golden Eagle’s wingspan can be over 8 feet. We would need an expert to advise us on size as the Crown has mass with not such a long wingspan. Check out this link:
      All you bird experts, can you answer Paul’s question more accurately?

  4. Hi Cindy, he stares with such intensity … and your photos captured the emotion. thank you so much for appreciating what i try do on my site. blessings to you …

  5. OH there are some beasts in this world that are beautiful, amazing and strong this one looks like it means business.

    I sent my Red Tails to Lilly 🙂 hope they arrive soon too many pretty things in my yard to PICK OFF and I am not THAT KIND of photographer 🙂

    1. Happy 4th back to you Eunice! It is interesting that the raptors don’t bother the songbirds at The Holler. There is too much available small mammalian prey available. I couldn’t handle anything hurting the hummingbirds!

      1. you are blessed with many rodents 🙂 I see them swoop and and grab a bright yellow finch and they have tried for the cat but makes the crash into the glass on the french door so they then take off we are pretty smart here must be in the water 🙂

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