The Place I Want To Get Back To by Mary Oliver

We have many amazingly talented and creative fellow bloggers. I have never reblogged out of concern that each blog I follow is meritorious and I don’t like picking favorites. Please know if I follow your blog, I am an admirer. Sometimes though, our fellow bloggers, engage in such acts of kindness and prescience, that they have caused me to change my thinking, and engage, for the first time, in the art of the “reblog!” Today I will highlight three bloggers whose acts of creative kindness have blown me away.

Since I have never reblogged, I hope I don’t make too many mistakes.
First there is Russel Boyle. Russel is a poet who lives in Melbourne. When you go to his website, please be sure to look and listen to the poetry he has written on the right hand drop down menu, buried amongst all the other brilliant poets.

What particularly blew me away about Russel, was that he saw my most recent post about the friendly deer, recalled this poem and sent it to me. Not only was the poem an uncanny replication of my feelings encountering the deer, it was also amazing that Russel had this poem at the tip of his fingertips, like he does for hundreds of poets. He introduces me to new poets daily. Check out Russel, Mary Oliver, her poetry, and his.

18 thoughts on “The Place I Want To Get Back To by Mary Oliver

  1. Oh, Cindy, you are a treasure and a joy for our blogging community! What wonderful post – I’m going to check out your reblogs. I’ve been on a huge project so now I’m back!!! Have a wonderful weekend – you have made mine pure sunshine!!!

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