Golden Lane!


Golden Lane is a series of connected servants quarters built into the northern wall of Prague Castle. The name Golden Lane was coined in the 16th century and referred to the gold smiths who lived there among the other skilled servants.


Servants of many trades lived in these cottages.

Prague Castle was built-in first half of the tenth century and is the largest ancient castle in the world. (My next post will show you the parts of the castle that impressed me).

But, the heart of the castle for me was in these quaint, charming-homes, of the industrious and skillful servants.

Check out the ceiling detailing.


More cottages.


Golden Lane was continuously occupied until WWII. Franz Kafka lived in cottage 22 from 1916-17. The cottages have been restored with their original contents, reflecting the different eras of their occupation, and are now preserved as museums that the public can tour.




58 thoughts on “Golden Lane!

  1. The cottages look so cozy…….and comfy. I don’t know why we or some of us think we need such big houses. I could easily fit right in there. 🙂

  2. More great shots from your adventure. Love the colos of that cottage…not thought about mixing shades, just the brightest blue and the brightest green. See that so much in tropical countries, and now in Prague. Happy travels..looking forward to next stop.

  3. What a colorful, cheerful looking lane! These cottages look like such happy and cozy living and working quarters. Safe travels to you!

    1. This would be something I would ask and be curious about and the answer is YES & no! They used basins for washing and had out houses indoors, but this I only saw in the castle…..

      1. The concept of such neat little cottages for skilled servants seemed quite innovative so that made me wonder if they were innovative with sanitation/bathing needs as well. I am glad we both like to think about these practicalities!

  4. I like the honeycomb windows. Everything is always so neatly arranged and clean in museums – I bet in real life the tools would have been jumbled up and there might have been dust on a few surfaces!

  5. I have wanted to go to Prague for some time. However, you make me want to go sooner than later. What fun to wander through those buildings. I do agree that these looks more interesting than another castle regardless of how grand it is. 🙂

  6. Liebste Cindy das sind ja ganz tolle Fotos einfach unbeschreiblich schön wünsche dir eine schöne neue Woche und sei ganz lieb gegrüt Klaus

  7. I really enjoy your blog and have nominated it for the BEST MOMENT AWARD. See my May 28th post for details:

  8. I loved the Golden Lane, but I took only a few photos. It was too crowded the day when we were there. You took beautiful photos of this special place. Thank you, Cindy!

      1. Estonia! It looks like a beautiful place to visit, I just saw a few photos on Google. You’re truly a world traveler. Thank you so much for taking us to the places you have visited through your lens.

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