Ushuaia’s Twisted Trees!


The weather in Ushuaia is directly influenced by its proximity to Antarctica and by the towering Andes that surround the region. It is a Magellanic subpolar climate. Winds are always present, but especially intense during the winter season. Trees in Ushuaia tend to follow the wind direction in an uni-directional growth pattern creating a twisted appearance. These trees are referred to as Flag Trees because they are permanently shaped like flags blowing in the wind. The particular trees in these photos are Southern Beech Trees.







Beech Trees have shallow root systems and intense winds in bowl-shaped areas can wipe out entire forests.


Some of these areas remain devoid of trees because of the steady and intense wind.


This is a harsh, yet fragile environment. The strength of these polar winds creates a unique landscape in Ushuaia of savage and intense beauty.

41 thoughts on “Ushuaia’s Twisted Trees!

  1. Cindy,

    How could we ever imagine such a climate? We think it is summer down there yet it is so harsh in some aspects and yet kind to the lupines. What an experience you must have had!

    I think I am going to borrow (steal) one of your tree pictures for a little story. Is that OK?


    1. I would be majorly honored and can’t wait to read it. And yes, isn’t it strange that in such a harsh environment there are abundant fragile flowers. Lovely isn’t it?

    1. Beautifully expressed. The trees move towards the sun naturally, but the wind is so powerful, it bends, but doesn’t break them. Something about this really captured me.

      1. Yes! They almost function like a Rorschach. People read them differently. Some see them as menacing, others beautiful, some as an example of resilience. How wonderful that trees can elicit all this, while at the same time prospering in gale force opposition!
        Love you last poem Lea.

    1. Certainly not as windy as in winter. One day we had to cancel a boat trip due to intense wind. I don’t know the mph that day. It was our first day there, and that was the most intense wind. Other days it was up to 45mph. Just imagine winter!!

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