Need A Little Caribbean Right About Now?


Not the Royal kind…

But the real kind?

How about lesser visited Eleuthera?

The fried conch is to die for……



And the dolphin always want to play…..dol3


At the library built in 1897, you can check out a book…ele6 (1)


The beaches are pink and warm in January

F10 150 (2)


The island is beautiful

ele3 (2)

And the sunsets are too.

So, why not, visit Eleuthera?

It’s not that far from you.


39 thoughts on “Need A Little Caribbean Right About Now?

    • Gallivanta, Clanmother and I are meeting up there tomorrow at 11. It won’t be complete unless you join us. Gallivanta’s on the boat from NZ as we speak.. She wants to check out a book from the pink library to read on the pink beach. You have to come. Please bring the leftover ham….


    • Oh wonderful!! All wonderful places! You will have such fun. Be sure to visit the old fort in San Juan. I love Puerto Rico. In Aruba if your up for incredible snorkeling, take a boat to Bonaire, a lovely little island with incredible snorkeling. Takes about 1/2 or so to get their by catamaran. Gorgeous photo ops too. Have fun! Happiest of New Years Fae!


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