The Glorious Birds of Australia!




identified this as a King Parrot! Please go to her blog and see her incredible Australian Bird Photos!NOW5

Crimson RosellaNOW





kook fixed


6ACape Barren Geese

weird2White Ibis

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  1. The Rosella’s are beautiful and look very tame. We have actually had a flock of around twenty pelicans sighted on the Northern Wairoa – apparently blown across on a storm wind. Interesting to see if they breed here.

    1. These birds were incredible. We went back for a second day with them. I was in heaven there and there were two firendly wallabies as well. I will post them soon. Cheers to you!

    1. Yes, I had never seen or heard of them until they landed on my picnic table! They are about twice the size of a parakeet and remarkably, beautifully crimson. I noticed all the wild birds in Australia are far more colorful, happy & healthy looking, than the sad individuals for sale in cages in the US.
      There is a sad Galah for sale in a pet shop near my house. If he is still there when I return from my trip, I think I will buy him and try and “health/cheer him up!”
      Cheers & thanks for stopping by!

      1. I think he’ll be there. He’s been there too long already. If I get him, I will get him happy and colorful and post some pics! Cheers to you & thanks for commenting!

    1. Yes all the wild parrots are stunning there, but I never got so close to them as I did in Australia. Enjoying your poems & thanks for stopping by & commenting! Cheers to you.

    1. Help me here. PLEASE!!! Is the green bird a King Parrot???? I wondered about this. But I looked it up and thought it looked like a juvenile Rosella, but it seemed too big! I assumed it wasn’t a King because they are hard to find now. I went back a second day and he was there again. These birds were stunning and so friendly. I never heard of.or saw a Crimson Rosella until I was in Australia. We may be going back next year to meet my son when he returns from Sumatra….if so I am going to use my new camera and focus on the birds. Just can’t get over them.
      Was that a King???
      If so, I will be thrilled.

      1. I think that is a King, Cindy. Not as green as some I’ve seen but then I haven’t seen one in a long time. I mostly see the Rainbow Lorikeets, sometimes a Pink Galah…cockatoos, kookaburras and magpies.

        1. Oh my!!!!! I initially thought that might be it, but became convinced it wasn’t when I read how rarely they were seen. THANK YOU!!! What a thrill! I will change the post.
          I want to go back……….
          Really appreciate this. Thank you!

      2. No you were much too nice to correct me. You were very sensitive. I am just thrilled to know it. I so envy you the Galah’s. The most lovely bird ever! Thanks again!!! I knew my Aussie blogger friends would help me out with the birds!
        Cheers to you!

    1. To tell the truth, I fell in love with Australian birds. When I was young I raised cockatoos and parakeets. Everywere you turn in Australian there are these incredibly beautiful flocks of birds that would cost a fortune to purchase in the States. So wonderful to see them as they are meant to be. And, yes very tame. I never touched them because that isn’t good for them, but they hopped on my feet and ate out of my hand, which I didn’t do on purpose, I was casting seed and they jumped on my hand. I want to go back and see more of these birds with my new, better camera! Thanks for noticing!

        1. They do, When I was a child I raised parakeets and then cockatoos, so I was in sensory overload in Australia. Our first night there was a bush full of black cockatoos wailing like loud cats. I was is heaven! Stunning birds everywhere. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful birds photos, as a city boy like me, I got to go Bird Park to look at them, sometime can even get a full picture of it! Thanks Cindy! you save my trip!

    1. You are welcome Sydney. I imagine you have really beautiful birds in Singapore. I have never been, but would like to go. Your blog is so creative and wonderful. People all over the world think so, as do I!

  3. Beautiful photos Cindy yes birds over here are an absolute joy. I don’t think the third photo is a King Parrot it looks more like a rosella to me. I will check my photos of the Kings that used to visit our garden. I think it has too much blue around its wings, but I am not an expert. Regardless of what it is it is certainly beautiful. King Parrots are usually very timid too

    1. Originally I labeled it Juvenile Rosella, but was thrilled when someone mentioned it was a King. Regardless it is gorgeous, but I’m thinking Rosella. It had a baby beak, and Kings look brighter in coloration. Rosellas when young, look just like this guy. But you are right, “A rose by any other name…..”

      1. I am thrilled! Thanks for letting me know. This little guy was walking all over my feet!! I think we might be going back to Barrier Reef area next year. I want to photograph more birds!!

  4. WOO HOO! I am happy it is a King. Boddhivasta was right after all. She is the one who said King. A big thanks to both of you, you lucky Aussie’s with the gorgeous birds!

    1. Now listen kitty-kat, you can’t be going to Australia and eating all your Daddy’s birds now can you?
      (I’m sure this made a big impression on him) 🙂
      Love your blog Bailey! (Maybe now he’ll listen!)

  5. The parrots and Kookaburras live in our local park and I see them almost every day. Sometimes the Pelicans visit, too, and once in a while, an Ibis. Nice that there are parks like this in suburban Sydney, Australia.

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