Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Coast Trail, by Cheryl Strayed

by Cheryl Strayed(Goodreads Author)


Cindy Knoke‘s review

Aug 11, 12  · It is noteable that this author chose the name “Strayed” for herself, because stray she certainly does in her life choices, emotions, and finally solo on to the Pacific Coast Trail to hike it, by herself.
Initially the book annoyed me and I even decided to stop reading it. Did I really want to read another memoir about a sex addicted, heroin injected, husband dumping, mother obsessed woman, who made up her name and maybe her memoir?
Well, yes.
It was her decision to deal with these, uh, problems, by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail that hooked me. It was a novel approach to some seriously common problems.
Plus she really doesn’t try to make herself look good in this book at all. She is unfailingly honest, even about the really embarrassing stuff, like how woefully unprepared she was to hike the trail and how many really dumb mistakes she made while doing it.
So this book, like this author grows on you, and once she is on the trail, boy are you rooting for her!
It was a subtle change for me, from not liking her much at first, to genuine admiration that slowly builds. All the while though she stays humble, pointing out to you how imperfect she really is.
Good for you Cheryl. You did it. You strayed back on course with your hike, this book, and your life.

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