Balboa Park Nishikigoi Pond!

This pond in Balboa Park was built for the 1915-16 California-Panama Exposition as were many of the buildings surrounding the pond. The pond is full this time of year with hundreds of tiny baby Nishikigoi and well as the gorgeous full-sized adults. The term Koi is an english language abbreviation of the Japanese word Nishikigoi, but they both refer to the same gorgeous fish! Take a peek at these beauties in their wonderful pond. I have been visiting them here since I was a tiny child and so have my children!

The water lilies alone are reason to visit this beautiful park.
But the Nishikigoi are the real stars of the pond!

The solid color koi are striking!
There are other creatures living in the pond, like seasonal ducks, and fellows like this one peeking over a lily pad.


Watching koi swim has been demonstrated to lower your blood pressure and stress levels. No wonder! They are so peaceful looking and gorgeous.

Next time you feel stressed out, go find a koi pond to relax by! Cheers to you from Balboa Park~