Meep-Meep Goes Full Glam~


Meep-Meep has had it!

He is tired of the cat and mouse game.

He wants his close-ups damn-it!
He doesn’t understand why I take photos of all these lesser Holler birdies, when I have him to chase and catch a glimpse of.

So he just decided to show us all what we’ve been missing.
You have to admit he is one glam bird, he has a moveable mohawk!

I had been hearing this coyote pup cry early every morning, so I went in search of the abandoned pup, and this is who I found, the roadrunner making a completely credible repetitive coyote cry. I answered his cry and we had a morning symphony. His cry is like the second clip in the following link which gives some, but not all of the amazing vocalizations of these fascinating birds.

We have several groups of roadrunners living inside our fences at The Holler and we interact with, and hear them everyday. A guest kept telling us about hearing growling outside his window at night which alarmed him enough to close the window, and yep that was roadrunners too. They also bark, and make a whirring noise. I imagine they imitate coyotes to confuse them, smart meepers!

Cheers to you from The Holler’s communicative and highly entertaining Meep-Meeps~