“The Sun’s Kisses…”


“My 10th Sonata is a Sonata of insects. Insects are born from the sun…they are the sun’s kisses.” Alexander Scriabin
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“I am dying by inches by not having anybody to talk to about insects.” Charles Darwin (Age 21)

“In fighting the insect we have killed ourselves, polluted our water, poisoned our wildlife, permeated our own flesh with deadly toxins. The insect becomes immune, and we are poisoned. In fighting with superior intellect, we have outsmarted ourselves.” The Hellstrom Chronicles

“If all insects on Earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on Earth would end.” Jonas Salk


“A stray fact: insects are not drawn to candle flames, they are drawn to the light on the far side of the flame, they go into the flame and sizzle to nothingness because they’re so eager to get to the light on the other side.” Michael Cunningham