Our London Safari~

So you think one has to go to Africa to witness wild predator prey interactions? Ha, I say! Just go to central London. And, no I am not talking about the tube strike…..
Actually, we left Africa and flew to London on the first leg home to The Holler. We were looking forward to a spell of civilization and culture. But it seems, our safari was to continue in London. We checked into a hotel quite near the crowds and hustle of the British Museum, and I looked out our hotel window onto a city park, and this was the sight that greeted me!
There were four foxes in this family in the center of London. There were magpies too. Occasionally the foxes would snag a magpie which resulted in the magpies giving the foxes holy hell for hours. They would taunt and goad them.
I was supposed to be going to the British Museum with my hubby, but instead I sat for hours watching the foxes in the Duke of Bedford’s garden. No one was allowed to go in the garden, thank God, and my hotel window only opened about four inches, so there was considerable challenge getting these pics, but I was motivated! I live in Southern California and rarely get to see foxes so it is always a thrill.
It takes effort learning to hunt,
and can be quite exhausting.
Not to mention embarrassing, when the prey decides to become the predator!
And then there is mum to contend with. She can be such a nag….
But being almost a teenager, mum is starting to get an idea what she’s in for.
It’s nice to be a fox family in the Duke of Bedford’s garden,
if only there was a little more to eat.
Cheers to you from the London fox’s garden~