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Summer Wildlife Anza Borrego Desert State Park!

When the mercury rises at Anza Borrego State Park in the summertime, the tourists tend to leave, and the wildlife tend to come closer. Check out this Big Horn sheep photo my son-in-law, Sean Malone, took this morning on a hike with his i-phone. The sheep walked right up to him on the trail.
The Borrego Badlands present stunning eroded topography in the summer heat. They stretch on into the horizon and are loaded with fossils from ancient seas.

Red Tail Surveying his realm!

The Salton Sea is one of the world’s largest inland seas. It is also one of the lowest spots on earth at -227 below sea level. This Osprey was checking out the scene.

The sea is referred to as a “crown jewel of avian biodiversity.” 400 bird species are found here, along with 30% of the American population of White Pelicans.
Cheers to you from Borrego, a relatively warm 42C!