Archive | December 2019

Oasis Reflected~

In the stark desert landscape,

The Inn at Death Valley

is an oasis

transforming the desert

into a tropical paradise

bursting with life.

Cheers to you from The Oasis at Death Valley~

Note: The Oasis Inn at Death Valley was built in 1927.

Merry Christmas to You From Our Small & Wonderful World~

St Petersburg Russia

Strasbourg France

Santorini Greece

Melk Austria

Nuremberg Germany

Lisbon Portugal

Dubrovonik Croatia

Prague Czech Republic

Cinque Terra Italy

Budapest Hungary

And Merry Christmas to you, from me, at The Holler~

(Photos: C.Knoke)

Forever Fall~

Photos capture,

forever fall.

The Snow Queen,

kept from creeping in.

The forest basks in perpetual sun,

and shows her full fall finery.

Snow is blanketing the Sierra now, but cheers to you from Sequoia in the fall~