These gorgeous huge poppies are bloomin’ up The Holler!

Also known as the Matilija Poppy, these are the largest flowers in the poppy family,

and they are the largest native California flower.

The blooms are 8 inches in diameter,

and the bushes grow to about 10 feet in height,

They are a challenge to grow, but so worth the effort!

Cheers to you & Happy Mother’s Day from The Holler’s Romneya~

227 thoughts on “Romneya~

  1. Delighted to see your photos as I love these gorgeous flowers. I saw a Romneya flower yesterday, there’s a plant on the outer edge of Dunedin Botanic Garden that I can see from the footpath. As I walked by I noticed there was ONE flower left! An autumn gift from nature as we move ever closer to winter here in New Zealand. Your photos are marvellous Cindy, wonderful you have these flowers in your garden!

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  2. Why are they challenging to grow? Is it because of the size? I need to read up about them. Thank you for sharing, Cindy! Lovely pictures! They look like yellow fairies in white skirts, twirling away like a Sufi dancer.

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    • I so love creative bloggers!!! I have heard so many wonderful metaphors for these flower petals. They are Monroe’s dress billowing! Thank you for this marvelous imagery დ


    • Oh my goodness, yes! They do look like her dress. People criticized the wrinkles but I thought she looked so lovely. The seeds are very difficult to germinate. They like pine smoke. A blogger told me she saw them growing at The Dunedin Botanical Garden which I remember visiting. Maybe you can contact them and ask about trying to get some seeds to cultivate. I would be fascinated to hear how this goes and thrilled if you do grow them! დ

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