Rare Locals~

White Faced Ibis are large and imposing birds.

They are residents year round in Southern California,

although I rarely see them.

Finding this nesting colony,

was quite a treat.

White Faced Ibis have a migratory range that extends from Canada in the north, to Chile and Argentina in the south. I have seen and photographed them more in South America than I have here!

Cheers to you from the gorgeous and iridescent White Faced Ibis~

200 thoughts on “Rare Locals~

  1. What absolutely beautiful birds!!! Recently a new bird came to feast of our bird seed … shiny black, but his neck and head were a beautiful glowing blue. I Googled and found they are ‘Common Grackles’ … seemed a bit too common a name for such a gorgeous critter! But even he cannot compare to your White-faced Ibis! Thanks for sharing, Cindy!

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    • Bird names are so idiosyncratic and funny. It must have been wonderful to be the first person to name a bird species. The grackle must have been common, ie., there may have been lots of them. They don’t show their splendor, commonly, but when the sun hits just right, at the right time, you can see the incredible beauty. They are currently a species in “deep decline.” So they are not common anymore დდ

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      • Indeed, so! And, I wonder if birds think we are funny creatures for having to have a specific name for each and every sort. The grackle was so beautiful … as you say, the sun was hitting just right and he literally took my breath away! Given what we humans have done to this planet, it is a wonder any species still survive, but if we don’t change our ways and quickly, we will lose so many beautiful species of birds, animals, fish. Sigh.


  2. These guys come in complementary colors–red and green! And the green has such a beautiful sheen:) Thanks for showing them to us, up close and beautiful!


  3. They look just like our Glossy Ibis. I love the way bright sunlight brings out their iridescent sheen and colouring.


  4. Wonderful and certainly iridescent, here we see the glossy ibis in the Doñana wetlands region but that seems to be their limited range. A very prehistoric bird, let’s hope their survival can be ensured.


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