So Cal Skies~

Sunset at The Holler,

and at the beach.

Sky lends beauty to the land.

Contrail lights The Holler sky,

while a rare shower,

paints rainbows in the sky.

The pot of gold,

seemed in my reach.

Cheers to you from The Holler skies~

195 thoughts on “So Cal Skies~

    • Thank you for noticing this Kathy. I have only seen both ends simultaneously once before that I can remember. I didn’t post most of this rainbows photos because I knew, compared to other places, this rainbow was rather weak in terms of vibrancy. We rarely get rain, and when we do, there isn’t generally enough water vapor in the atmosphere to create a vibrant rainbow. But I was amazed that I got so many photos of the both ends of this rather fragile rainbow. დ


  1. You are definitely having a wonderful landscape, and with rainbow its looking like from a fairlytale, Cindy! Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments! Have a beautiful rest of the week. Best wishes, Michael


      • Cindy, thank you for the great comment. Funny thing is I woke up wondering about how that person got out on the ice and why ice fishing there? If it had been a person who had lived here a long time and knew about the polluted waters – then why? I too wonder and have unanswered questions. When the boat dock opens again, I will go inside and ask in the small office. I think I’ll be met with disbelief. Have a great day. It is snowing big ivory snowflakes right now. Pretty sight. oxox


        • It is such an intriguing situation. Please let us know what you find out. It hailed here and snowed in the nearby mountains. To you this would be like an early summer day, to us, it was big news! 😉 We are looking at another year of severe drought. Stay safe and warm my friend დ

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          • Massachusetts-born, Colorado-reared from age 10, I know about drought and prairies and tumbleweeds. Once it hailed in our front yard and not in our back as I shouted to one of my sisters. So I understand it can be big news for you folks. I agree about intriguing. Follow-up may take time and research. p.s. I keep forgetting to ask what your emoji means. დ


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