to a garden of dreams,

where worries vanish,

in a tulip trance,

while daffodils dance.

There are over seven million tulips,

in the Keukenhof gardens in The Netherlands.

A perfect place to dream your day away.

I am home for the winter at The Holler, but send you springtime cheers from Keukenhof~

260 thoughts on “Escape~

  1. Wonderful photos capturing the gardens and displays! I was there with my mum in April 2019… not sure when will have our next jaunt together. A lovely share … and escape πŸ’•

  2. What a refreshing sight right now. I love tulips and have visited our tulip farm here when they open it to the public in April. I would love to go to the Netherlands to see them. It’s on my bucket list. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the lift.

  3. Such an amazing garden. It was heartbreaking when they closed it this year due to you-know-what. All that work and no admirers! πŸ˜‰ Actually, they did let in press and photographers, many used drones which you can see on YouTube, so amazing to see it with no crowds.

  4. One year I went to the tulip festival at La Conner in Bellingham, and that was the first time I found out that tulips (if you get enough of them together) have a beautiful delicate scent. All this time I had thought they had no scent. Your photos are beautiful. I can almost smell the fragrance of those tulips.

  5. Gorgeous and unchanging…I was there as a teenager with my mother. We had a wonderful time in that beautiful country. I’ll never forget it. Thank you for sweet memories 😘

    1. And canal houses, canal boats, windmills, porcelain, incredible Dutch Master painters, beautiful architecture, museums, doll houses, limiting green house emissions with bicycles …… I could keep going on all day about what you Dutch are amazing at. And by no means can I forget the chocolate!! I would like some right now in fact! I love The Netherlands which is why I keep coming back დ

  6. We need right now this injection of beauty and energy to our lives! I am counting down the days until we finish 2020. Thanks so much, Cindy! You and yours stay safe! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  7. When I saw the very first picture, I was wondering if that was in the Netherlands. And then, a little further down, you mentioned the famous “Keukenhof”. Even if I grew up not far from the Netherlands I’ve never been there, tough.
    Gorgeous pictures, Cindy.
    Have a great weekend,

  8. What a stunning gift, Cindy — thank you! Winter hasn’t even arrived here yet, but already I’m longing for spring. I know each season offers its own beauty, but how I love the newness and freshness of spring! Those tulips are magnificent!

  9. What a beautiful setting! These photos made my heart happy, especially the river image. I want to dive in and float along with the river in peaceful bliss surrounded by bright tulips! Thank you Cindy. ❀

  10. Cindy what a wonderful garden! I can’t wait for our tulips to come up and it’s only November. Let’s hope it’s a short winter.
    Leslie xoxo

      1. Is it already freezing in The Holler? We have only had one light frost here on the Island! Covid is surging again, so we are reverting toMarch with masks, gloves, and no visitors! Stay well in CA, all of you!

  11. So beautiful! I see some of those almost black purple ones in one photo! The Dutch once spent more money for these than for their houses during tulip mania in 1600s. I’m glad just to enjoy their beauty during these dark times. Thank you!

  12. A beautiful escape indeed. It is certainly a most pleasant and much needed reminder that there are places on this earth unspoiled, preserved and nurtured in such a way that it takes us to places where our heart and mind find rest from all that is going on around us.. Your images capture and reflect a voice all their own even without their captions. Take care and stay well, Cindy.

  13. I’ve been there, when I was a kid. We went with another family during Easter break (what they call spring break nowadays). I think in April 1963. πŸ™‚

  14. All that colours and overwhelming beauty really fill up the soul! (And the neat immaculate gardening too haha) It already makes me so happy just looking at your photos, I can’t imagine how wonderful it must had been to actually be there! Cheers, my friend.

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  16. The remnants of Hurricane Eta blow by last weekend, dropping 4 trees across our private road. Now all the leaves are down. It is still warm (60F’s) these days, but looking like winter. All those tulips will keep me anticipating Spring color! Happy Thanksgiving. – Oscar

    1. Hope you had a peaceful holiday Oscar. The hurricane sounded brutal. So sorry about the trees! It is dipping into the mid-30’s here at night, so these roses are enjoying their last hurrah! დ

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