The Lizard of Oz~

Meet the Australian Water Lizard. They like to climb trees and drop down on rivers and lakes to hunt. They can remain submerged for up to 90 minutes. Males can reach up to 3 feet in length.

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore….”

How adorable is this Noisy Miner chick?

Masked Lapwings are one of the reasons I so love birds.

Who else but a bird could have a face like this?

There is the Australian White Ibis,

the gregarious Australian Magpie,

always assertive Silver Gull,

and shy and lovely Australian Wood Duck.

We are on the move now, exploring new places, so please excuse me when I am less present than I wish I could be.

Cheers to you from magical Oz~

226 thoughts on “The Lizard of Oz~

  1. So much beauty — and variety — in our world. I’ve often thought God must have such great fun creating all these colors and species! And Cindy, thank you for bringing them up close so we can all enjoy them.

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    • We need an Australian to weigh in here as I am not an expert on Australian birds. I think these are all native Ozzie birds. They are all in my very heavy Australian Bird book that I am toting along with me, and I am glad I am because I am using it multiple times a day. I cannot believe the sightings today and it is only day 3 in Oz and I haven’t even left Sydney.

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  2. Love the lizard. Australia has such a variety of them. Birds are awesome in Australia too. Flocks of wild cockatoos, colorful lorikeets, and pink galahs just to name a few. My daughter who lives there says they call the ibis bin chickens so they must like getting into the garbage.

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  3. I love the title of your post, but more than that, I love that Noisy Miner chick. I’d never seen (or heard of) them before, so I’ve just spent some happy moments on YouTube watching videos of them. I can see (hear) why they’re called Noisy Miners! But what cute birds. 🙂

    I used to follow your blog from an older one of mine (I forget which, I’ve had many) and now I’m back again. Off I go to click the Follow button.

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    • And there are all these different kinds of magpies, including a dainty one, called a lark magpie, and a more raven looking one. I am surprised to see that all the corvids yield to the parrots, even when they outnumber them.

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  4. I will probably never travel to Australia; so I am savoring these beautiful photographic glimpses via your eyes/lens/heart. Who knew that a lizard could stay underwater for that long! And the feathers + coloring on the birds you have photographed are awe-inspiring…


    • You are a kind friend. Thank you. I so many amazing creatures including an egg laying mammal called an echidna and huge fruit bats hanging on trees upside down. They are black with orange fur. And of course there are kangaroos in your backyard and parrots in your trees. I love Oz! Cheers to you my friend~


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