Life’s a Reflection~

Of what we see.

What we perceive,

depends on where we look.

Beauty is everywhere,

just waiting to be found,

even on the cloudiest days.

Cheers to you from Olympic National Park~

(Note: We are home at The Holler now. These photos were from our May trip. I wouldn’t want you to think we are never home!)

226 thoughts on “Life’s a Reflection~

  1. I once camped in the Olympic National Park (many, many moons ago) and was blown away by beauty. Thanks for these beautiful reminders of that time.
    Delighted to know you are home in the hollers, though. Enjoy your time at home.


  2. Incredibly beautiful photographs, done with such artistry and with such an eye that always captures the essence and the intensity of the nature that you photograph with such love and care. And you are absolutely right, beauty is everywhere but sometimes we just do not look. Thank you Cindy for bringing such beauty of nature to our eyes.


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