Bird on a Wire~

Ospreys aren’t usually avid people watchers.

But this guy was!

He couldn’t hide his cross-eyed curiosity about the strange human looking up at him.

Eventually, he resumed more raptor-like disdain,

and went about the serious business of people ignoral.

He focused on anything but the nosy photographer.

Finally, my presence outlived his patience,

and off he flew in a rapturous huff!

Cheers to you from the people-watching osprey~

244 thoughts on “Bird on a Wire~

  1. Thick feathers I wold love to pet. He’s absolutely gorgeous and your photographs are, as always, stunning. I’m going to reblog all of this beauty so some others can enjoy it and be amazed by all the fabulousness of your work.

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  3. Cindy! There was an osprey in Wisconsin that I didn’t get to see up close, not far from my parent’s retirement home. A Nat’l Geographic photog set up a tent high in a tree to get photos. I did see the tent, not him or the osprey. This bird is majestic!

    • This reminds of when I was viewing grizzly bears fishing for salmon in Canada, and our hosts told us that Nat’l Geo photographers got underwater with the salmon to photograph the bears and their teeth and claws from the salmon’s perspective. Utterly nuts in my opinion, but I am sure the photos were incredible!

  4. I didn’t realize ospreys are cross-eyed (or is it a peculiarity for this particular birdie??) Great bunch of photos, Cindy. I’d have been a little leery over being so close to him!!

  5. How beautiful! I can’t even begin to imagine how thrilling it must have been to see such a magnificent bird. His colors are so striking even though they are only black and white. You did a phenomenal job capturing him!

  6. What an amazing bird. Don’t think I’d like to be caught in that hooked beak or its claws.

    I can’t get over how clear and sharp your bird images are, Cindy.

    • I love raptors, but I am much bigger than them. So I can fully appreciate their lethality without being threatened by it. If they were bigger, or I was smaller, I would dig instantly into the earth, just like voles, and desperately hope I evaded them.

    • Thank you very much. Wild animals and wild birds will stare into the lens of a camera not attached to a tripod, but to a human being. It’s odd, but it’s true.

    • Maybe he’s flattered you think he is a black and white peacock! Because he can see colors, better than you and I, and must be impressed with peacocks, if he’s seen them. He would probably eat a peacock, if it’s colors, and feathers fanned, weren’t so confusing.
      Love to you Resa ❤

  7. I am always amused how animals become nervous if you stare at them, Cindy. Even cats. I am sure that the osprey was a bit curious as well as disgusted, probably about the fact that you were disrupting its hunting routine!

    • It’s odd because they don’t like being stared at, but they seem fascinated by the camera lens and never see me without it attached to my face so maybe they think I am not human. Plus Herbert, our cat, stares intently in our eyes for the longest time. Our vet says his making direct eye contact is “unusual.”

      • Mmmm, bordering on steampunk with that camera attached to your face, Cindy. I’ve had birds perch on my lens.
        I’ve stared down a few growling dogs in my day. 🙂 –Curt

      • Truckee, heading to visit my niece in Santa Cruz for the weekend. Fly out Tues. LOTS of snow in Truckee! Makes home look meager, but it is colder there. Spring won’t be too long now, however (hurrah).
        How is Santiago?

        • Lots of epic snow! It’s wonderful, considering the horrid drought. My son says it is raining at The Holler, and more rain forecast.
          My daughter and the twins are in Santa Cruz.
          It is a small world.
          I can’t wait to see your photos of the California poppies and am glad that worked out well.
          We are in Mexico now, connect to Santiago on Saturday.

    • I have flown away and will miss them, but I know it is going to be an historic bloom. The California Poppy bloom is historic and epic too, but I also missed that!
      I would love to see both, darn it.

  8. There’s my Osprey! 😊 Just teasing, Cindy, your images are gorgeous! Boy, they can give some fierce stares at times, and they do keep their eye on us humans. I don’t blame them. 🙂

    • Yep, your osprey stoppedy by for a visit, so I could send you some photos proving he gets around! They as fierce as every raptor. People who own them, don’t posess them, they just cage and fly them. I think I love them as much as you do.

    • Yes, the term may be piercing. Raptor eyes are piercing and their vision blows my mind. When I find them with my super zoom lens, they are already staying intently at me with no super zoom capability. They are just amazing animals. Thank you so much for appreciating them.

  9. I don’t know when you’ll ever see this, what with all the comments, but I love your witty narrative with sequences such as this one with the beautiful osprey. You gave me a good chuckle.

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