Flow River Flow~

The Holler is getting hammered by storm after storm. This is the view looking north from our back patio, taken on Valentines Day as The Holler was being hit with the most massive rain storm. You can see raindrops on the lens. My iphone sent me 6 flash-flood warnings in 24 hours.

Here is the lower pasture being chewed up by the little creek which turned into a rapid-filled, raging river. The pasture gate is the white structure in the back left of the photo. It partially collapsed in the onslaught.

The river flows.
It flows to the sea.
Wherever that river goes,
that’s where I want to be.
Flow river flow,
past the shaded tree.
Go river, go, to the sea.

(Lyrics: The Byrds)

We hiked along the creek in the pouring rain on Valentines Day. You can see my son by the oxbow, to give you perspective on how big the creek is. It was thirty feet wide at some sections and was carrying logs and trees along like matchsticks!

Our rain gauge kept over-filling at 6 inches, and more storms are on the horizon.

Southern California is getting more snow than Boston, and the Sierras have the biggest snowpack in the country.

This is The Holler looking east this morning. It is still snowing in the mountains, which are obscured by clouds, but there is sunshine here today, with more rain forecasted.

And this is the view to the west. Our multi-year drought is finally over!! Cheers to you from the very wet, and very happy, Holler~

289 thoughts on “Flow River Flow~

  1. You really need the rain and now it comes in masses. The grass looks so fresh and green. Good the drought is over. Hope you are ok though with all the storms. Hope all the water soaks really in and will help in the year to come.


  2. Usually your big rains become our big snows. This time around, it’s skipping right past us … the storm center is either too far north or too far south by a few miles. Anyway, we’re forecasted to have 2-4 inches of snow overnight tonight along with bitter cold temps. A couple extra logs on the fire tonight.

    “Flow River Flow”, I know that as a hymn versus the song by The Byrds. 🙂


  3. Magnificent photos. I think the storms beautify the area. Raging creeks, lush grasses, droplets on your lens. Breathtaking scenery. I just got out of the hospital again and am just now able to visit fellow bloggers again. ❤ you Cindy!


  4. It looks beautiful green which will hopefully be a plus to ward off CA wildfires. We’ve seen some scary flash flooding here in the Phoenix area, but that should make for a wonderful showing of wildflowers. The desert is doing a happy dance!


  5. Moving beyond the blizzards and droughts and the onslaught of frightening fires and floods…
    May nature regain its sense of balance and shower its abundance as a blessing back again.


  6. Hi Cindy, I enjoying reading your post. I have been busy for a long time and haven’t visited you. Your pictures are absolutely smashing! You bring the best pictures that everyone will love. Thank you for this post, it was amazing! Juli


  7. We’ve been getting hailstones , slush and soft snow for sometime now, here in Northern California. ( and that’s rare ) I wonder how it’s like somewhere in the Sierras, Lake Tahoe area. I heard the snow is several feet thick.


    • 30 feet thick+ in some areas. I just flew yesterday from NoCal to SoCal. The Sierras have epic snowpack which you can see. Mammoth and Lake Tahoe actually asked skiers and boarders to stay away. Avalanche danger is intense. Snow plows can’t reach many areas. And then I flew into SoCal, and that was where it got really weird. The mountain ranges ringing the LA and Orange County Basin looked like The Alps when the roads shut down. There were rivers, creeks, reservoirs and lakes I couldn’t identify from the air because haven’t them seen before. When I got back last night, wifi finally resumed to The Holler for the first time in days, because the ice finally was thin enough on our tower on the mountain to allow transmission. More rain and snow is due in SoCal on Saturday. Mother Nature is speaking and I love it! It’s about time!

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      • 30 ft! I can believe that. We have friends who live in Lake Tahoe, and yes, they say they get that much snow in winter. We were there 2 years ago in May, and saw there was still so much snow in the mountains. Relatives from the Philippines were so excited to see snow for the first time. They got to play in the snow, as well.


  8. You’ve lived through a lot of fear. I am sorry for you, may you not experience more floods. I live in Poland, floods are rare.


  9. I am happy that your drought is over. But I also feel for your flooding. Last year – depending on who you read we tied or were over for the most rain on record. And it didn’t stop with the New Year. We’ve got little ponds (that on a nice day when we aren’t having 50 mile an hour winds) the birds have been using to bath.

    Lovely views. Stay as dry as you want and can 🙂


  10. I’m glad this isn’t a bad thing. We have too much water because of snow melt and lots of rain and temps too high too fast – so the snow is melting too fast. I’m good where I live – minor driveway damage, but many live in low places. Not the greatest.


  11. Love your holler. Miss my much smaller one. Your views in every direction are wonderful. Had dinner with my son and daughter-in-law and watched a deer as we dined this evening. I even see them in the woods behind my apartment. A wild turkey spent the day on my porch not too long ago. I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to live in touch with nature, even now at the edge of our town in an apartment. Your holler is amazing. A wonderful home base after travel. Thanks for sharing the beauty.


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