Wading Birds like this oystercatcher are fascinating to watch. I photographed this American Oystercatcher in South America.

This Black Oystercatcher, near The Holler, was a rare sighting.

California has about 668 species of birds. The Holler, and nearby environs alone, account for approximately 500 of them, including a variety of waders. Little Blue Herons can be found near the coast, and are seen less often, closer to The Holler.

Majestic Great Blue Herons are common.

They sometimes show up at our front door!

Sandhill Cranes stand over four feet tall and are further afield.

They winter at The Salton Sea.

Snowy Egrets are everywhere. This guy was near the coast.

His green crab lunch was a bit crabby and hard to swallow!

Cheers to you from The Holler’s wonderful waders~

199 thoughts on “Waders~

  1. So many wonderful bird shots, Cindy. I especially like the cranes flying overhead and the Great Blue Heron (which looks so much like our White-faced Heron).

    The Holler must be a haven for Bird Photographers and Nature Lovers.

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  2. used to have a Great Blue that came to our door in Florida, Cuz. Had to love that bird. He (we later found out that he was a she) would be there almost every evening at about 6pm begging for bread…, or whatever we had to give her. Critters can be such fun !!! :}

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  3. Your Holler sounds like a bit of an estuary. Many parts of our City have kept them protected so we get many of those birds here though I never identified most. The Blue Heron is quite common to see here but I never took a photo of any of them that looked close to what you have here. It never even occurred to me then. Thanks for bringing a bit of awareness.


  4. Fantastic photographs! I’ m so glad that you take the time and have the resources (cameras, etc., but more important, skill and a love for beauty) to put these out here for us. Gratefully, Albert


  5. Lovely birds. I’ve got some herons that come when the weather is warmer. And a bunch of the little guys, some hawks and vultures too.

    The color of the birds is always fun when something stands out; like that orange beak or the blue feathers. 🙂

    It was fairly warm today that their was a guy fishing in the creek behind my house (on the easement side).


  6. Love shore birds my world is full of yours are beautiful captures as always Cindy. Enjoy the weekend of craziness leading up to Christmas and warm thoughts for you from me are also attached xo.

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