New Sony RX 10- IV~

Yesterday my new camera arrived and I have been practising with it, taking first photos around The Holler. (Click to enlarge the bees to see the details).

It is getting detail and is super fast, but will require more practice.

I was planning to use the camera mostly for landscapes, so I was pleasantly surprised with these first-attempt macros.

You can see some of the detail capability in this Datura or Moonflower. Moonflowers are night-blooming and belong to the nightshade family. They are poisonous and are pollinated at night by Sphinx and Hawk Moths. Native Americans used Moonflowers in sacred ceremonies as a hallucinogen.

These Night Blooming Cereus flowers were taken with my older, trusty HX400, which is still my go to bird and wildlife camera. The flowers grow on the tallest cactus in the world, Cereus Peruvians. Ours is over 30 feet tall! It’s flowers are as big as plates and open only at night. The tree generates tons of fruit called Peruvian Apples that are crunchy, sweet, and delicious!

Cheers to you from Sony’s views~

312 thoughts on “New Sony RX 10- IV~

  1. Oh my goodness, Cindy! Even more fabulous than any before this!
    I like bees and have some saved pictures of them.
    The moonflowers are amazing and thanks for the story of how they are pollinated at night by moths. The macros are amazing and hope someday to hear you are famous and doing cards or magazines, but my favorites would be from “in the Holler!” xo 💖


    • I feel so released from the wish to be anything. Ambition has gone from me, which is so good. Now I can be like the kid I always was, and do what I always loved to do: Birds. Nature. Running around, watching it all.
      In my life, I did what I wanted as a clinical social worker.
      The only fame I want now is friends like you, and that is true. Be well sweet Robin.


  2. Oh boy, oh boy! You already knock it out of the park, Cindy. I’m fastening my seatbelt cause I can only imagine where your new camera will take us. Such impeccable detail. WOW!


  3. Absolutely great professional photographs Cindy, your new Camera really brings out the color and detail of your subject, both of which I don’t think could be achieved without your artistic eye for detail.
    Beautiful post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cindy, just when we thought you couldn’t amaze us more than you usually do, you up your game! What many of us are waiting to hear is when do your photography books roll out? xx


  5. Absolutely stunning Cindy!! the fuzz, the wings of those bees– so beautiful and something we could never see with our eyes alone! You are an artist. Congrats on your new camera!! I know you’ll make good use of it! xox

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  6. Truly a great camera but in the hands of an expert produces such quality images. I’ve been looking at a new camera and tried a friends too and it does take quite a time to get to know a new camera these days! I got bewildered by the 4 k mode.


  7. Congratulations on your new camera… The pictures are awesome. Specially the bees, they look outstanding.
    Ps. I never knew the Brahmkamal is known as Cereus Flower and that it’s apples can be eaten? Wow.. When I go back to my city I will surely visit that cactus again.

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  8. Congratulations on your new camera, Cindy. Your photos look fabulous, the macros are stunning! Have fun and enjoy learning more, photography is a great adventure. Like Rebecca Budd said when we met; it’s like going down a rabbit hole! 🙂
    Best regards from the Cotswolds,
    The Fab Four of Cley xox


    • Thank you! You are in the beautiful Cotswolds. I wonder if I told you I spent a summer there when I finished graduate school. We stayed in a 450 year old gardener’s cottage with massive overgrown bushes of ancient roses that I filled the cottage with. It had a Dutch door painted blue and a private chapel on the estate.


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