206 thoughts on “Feathers & Fury~

  1. Wow, what amazing photos! You captured some fantastic shots, Cindy, and as I have never seen one of these birds before, it was fantastic to be able to see it in such detail! πŸ™‚

        • Oh no.
          I know he will be so well cared for by you.
          But neither you, nor me, can stand the thought of you facing yet another illness, so soon, of the other creature you love.
          You have been so remarkably brave in dealing with the illness and death of your husband.
          Please let me know via email (or comment) how Bear does with the procedure. I won’t intrude on you unless you want me to.
          I actually care quite a lot about you, because it is rare in this world, to find a person as genuinely sweet and kind and remarkable as you.
          Every post I read from you makes me happy you are in this world.
          Love to you and Bear~

    • Yes, a talented painter captures essence and transforms it in the way that only a genuine artist can do. A painter creates transcendent depictions of the overwhelming artistry of mother nature and all her creations, including us, and what we create.
      Thank you for seeing and knowing the artistry that lie in the heart of these creatures.

  2. Such a handsome fellow (gal?) and you’ve caught it beautifully! ❀ I thought it was a Red-shouldered Hawk before I got down to the bottom of the page. I'm terrible at IDing Buteos…though I should have known it wasn't a Red-shouldered since this is too dark (and not speckly enough). πŸ™‚

    • It is difficult to id the buteos as you point out, especially when you first see them as the differences can be pretty subtle. Harris Hawks do look similar to melanistic red tail hawks, except of course for the definitive tail! Have a great weekend Teresa & thanks for stopping by~

  3. The details on the last is amazing, being able to see even the water droplets on the feathers. He looks to be a great baritone belting out a song. I imagine, in reality, it was more like a loud yelling screech. Peace.

    • Every time I hear the distinctive hawk screech, I grab the camera and run outside. Today there was a highly irate red-tail, and he parked on a tree near me, and I got photo after photo of him doing the hawk cry of frustration, which is unusual. He tolerated me for about 12 clicks, and then flew off. There were falcons in the sky in the last two days diving. Mostly they are impossible for me to capture in a photo, which is how they like it, and how I know how intelligent they are. Thank you for noticing and caring.

      • There is a bald eagle that has taken a liking to the field next door. I keep hoping for some great shots but as I grab my camera and carefully slide the door open — he say no way and takes off. I can just imagine your excitement as you race out to try capture the nearly impossible to capture.

  4. Thanks to your art so consummate, we can enjoy these wonderful photos of birds of an unparalleled beauty. The photos are achieved with a refined quality. Worthy of admiration.

  5. You really got up close and personal with these magnificent raptors. I can see where the term hawkeyed comes from. I wouldn’t want to mess around with these birds. That beak looks mighty powerful and sharp.

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