Elusive raptors
when glimpsed (juvenile bald eagle)




Bald Eagles remind us of what we value.


Cheers to you from the eagles who look to us for their survival~

Note: Bald Eagle populations were decimated in the wild in the United States. Careful environmental conservation measures and biological reintroduction efforts have helped restore bald eagle populations. Dismantling environmental protections may bring bald eagles back to the brink of extinction and beyond. Their survival is up to us.

159 thoughts on “Rapture~

  1. They must be facinating to see in the wild, I never have. They look fierce and aggravated by that scowl on their face. Perhaps that’s just my niave human perception and this was the happiest day in their lives 😀 Seriously though, I hate how a lot of humans take the planet for granted. I fear for our future as well as the bald eagle. It’s not looking promising at all.

  2. Bald eagles are amazing birds. I saw a few during the years. So majestic. You said it well. In Alaska, they thrive. Sad that they are slowly disappearing like so many of God’s creations. The fault of destructive persons. We are to be caretakers of God’s creatures. Great post. Marvelous photos.

  3. You capture their expressions quite well! Beautiful work, Cindy! I wish humans were better stewards of the Earth than we are. Progress is slow, sometimes seeming to be stepping backwards. The future is of great concern.

  4. You’re right Cindy– they do look like such intelligent birds– so stately. I’m always amazed how you get such close up detailed photos. Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas time!! hugs hugs.

  5. A couple of weeks ago, I saw two bald eagles sitting side by side high in a tree along the highway in northern WA – such a surprise to spot them! I’ve never before seen an eagle in the wild. They were huge birds, and so visible; made me think how vulnerable they and other wildlife are when amongst us. I wish you a very happy new year Cindy, and I look forward to seeing more of this beautiful world through your eyes : ) ~ Peri

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