Big Bulls: Big Battles (Ellie Families Pt. 1 of 3)

It must be good to be an elephant seal bull…..
weigh 5000 pounds,
own beach front property,
and have a harem.
Then again, maybe not so good,
you can’t win every battle,
and losing looks too painful!
It must be tough to be a bull….
and sometimes quite discouraging….
Cheers to you from the extraordinary elephant seal bulls at Big Sur California~

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155 thoughts on “Big Bulls: Big Battles (Ellie Families Pt. 1 of 3)

  1. Duh… Stupid me as always… Working backwards (because you’re behind) is not smart. Big Sur, eh? I never knew there were that many seals up there. There’s only a couple here now and I know there are hundreds up in Frisco…but Big Sur? Wow…or is it duh? 🙂


    • It’s not duh, not even close. I always read sequential blog posts backwards, I sort of enjoy it. I just sent your Tokyo firebombing series to my friend Junko who comes from there. It should be published. Have you considered submitting it? It really is outstanding, if painful, but so important for people to read.

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    • Yes, and of course I worried about him and googled to try and find out if he would be okay. In addition to the injuries you see here, he had a big chunk bit out near his tail. He looked in pain and shifted around a lot like one does when one is in pain. Poor, poor guy. These holes are just gaping and I hope he makes it. I have no idea how they heal or if they get infected. They were mostly in blubber except for the torn mouth. He needed stiches and antibiotics. There is a group called Friends of The Elephant Seals that looks after the seals, but they will not interfere in natural injuries, only human made ones. Although it is hard to figure what a ‘natural’ injury really is anymore in our compromised and degraded natural world and this species was almost annihilated.

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  2. Amazing portraits with wondrous details dear Cindy ! Perfect timing,looks as if they are posing for you !!! Although they are h u g e … I suppose they are innocent and harmless. Great experience to see them close up !!!


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