Reflecting Brugge!

(PLease click to enlarge). Excited about what I’m seeing and had to fire off some pics to you even though it is late~

Brugge is best at close of day when all the tourists leave.
The tourist boats are quiet and the sun begins to go to bed.
The canals get still,

reflecting Brugge.
At dusk it’s hard to see where water starts and land begins.

At night the swans come out,

to swim with fairies.
Cheers to you from Brugge at dusk~

190 thoughts on “Reflecting Brugge!

  1. I’m impressed you managed to take so many pictures and no chocolate shop on sight! It’s a lovely place but it seemed impossible to find anywhere with no chocolate shops within a few metres distance!


    • Very true! One has to leave the tourist center and go to the outskirts to find the quiet Brugge and stay overnight as even the center gets quiet after 6pm! But chocolate, oh yes, everywhere!!!


  2. Gorgeous pics! I have been there, and it is beautiful, and often overlooked as a tourist destination, although it still feels busy. Really enjoyed your post.


  3. I love the tranquility you’ve captured in those pictures. Wonderful picturesque buildings, although I expect they get flooded in the basements sometimes but I expect they’re designed to withstand too much structural damage. I assume the city isn’t sinking, like Venice is!


    • Not like Venice no, where you have to slosh into St Peters, the canals are lower, but it does have a similar feel to Venice although much quieter in the evenings and Flemish not Italian, so different…..


  4. Beautiful photos here. Would love to see it some time. Looks so historic and full of charm. Thanks for visiting my blog site recently. The best to you with yours, as well. .


  5. Reflection shots are some of my favorites…it is such a great way to take another look at a place, although I have to admit my favorite shot it the last one with the swans, just a classic!


  6. Cindy! I have fallen in love with Brugge!!! It is a dream, a fairy tale filled with dreams that delight in anticipation of what can possibly be around the next corner! Where is Brugge?


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