Prague’s Fairytale Rooftops~

Prague, the magical fairyland……
The rooftops fascinate!
This is where the fairies come to dance, in this magical fairytale city.
All of Prague is like a fairyland and when you are here you are sure the fairies are too.
Who else were these rooftops built for?
We of course can enjoy them, but only the fairies can dance up there!
Feeling a bit nostalgic for Prague and I thought you might enjoy some images too!
Okay….. so this isn’t exactly a roof, it’s a ceiling, but I included it because in Prague the things under the roof are just as beautiful as the things on the roof!
Cheers to you from incomparable Prague~

262 thoughts on “Prague’s Fairytale Rooftops~

  1. Visited about 10 years ago, but have almost no pics as my visit was an in-and-out business trip 🙁 Thanks for the fantastic pictures!!

  2. How wonderful! Do you know the fairytale about the elves who help the elderly shoemaker by making all his shoes for him at night? I think your roofs would be lovely places for them to live by day!! 😄 cheers!

  3. Wonderful roof designs and decorating… I love the bright, saturated colors used for roof. They give such strong contrast. I think you are right that these give you sense of fairy tale. Oh yes, the chandelier definitely looks fairly tale!

  4. I wonder if they made the rooftops extra beautiful because they thought it would be pleasing for God looking down from heaven. 😉 It must make for a superb aerial view in these modern times.

  5. We were last in Prague in 1994, long before easily snapping pictures with your phone was ever imagined. It was beastly hot that summer, I remember, and I didn’t take too many pictures in between the sweltering. Except for rooftops!!

    1. Yes! Yes! But rest up first during a glorious summer home in Vancouver. Prague is easy to reach in Europe by train, and besides being unbelieveably beautiful is also most affordable.

  6. Hello Cindy,
    These are beautiful photographs! My husband & I hope to visit this magical city someday. But until then, we “see” more of the world through your camera lens. Thank you for sharing! 🙂
    – Takami

  7. A blogging friend (Perpetually in Transit) has acted as ‘locum’ chaplain in Prague…thanks to your photographs i can see why she loves it.
    And if you are planning to visit Budapest in the future, you might enjoy the ‘Hattatt’ blog – they live there and give a super picture of their life there.

  8. Breathtakingly beautiful Cindy. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photos. Prague is a place that is on my list and you have raised it higher… Merci beaucoup!

    1. I love that about much of Europe, the embracing of color in the interior and exterior design and even the landscape design. It always makes San Diego look rather beige by comparison~

  9. Absolutely a beautiful city, Cindy. Little do I know, but I wonder how many of these buildings escaped the bombings of WWII? I suspect many had been rebuilt, do you know?

    1. What a good question. Prague was occupied by the Nazis starting in 1939. Prague Castle was used as a Nazi headquarters and Rheinhard Heydrich commanded there. When Dresden was being deccimated, Prague was also bombed by the US. Something like 100 historical buildings were destroyed and 200 heavily damaged.
      It is remarkable that so many survived~

  10. Ohhh! I am literally breathless looking at these views of Prague’s rooftops. I have never been there but you can bet it’s now on my bucket list! “Magical”!

  11. I’ve never seen anyone focus on the roofs of Prague before. Good idea. There really is a fairytale-netherworld apearance to them and the city skyline. Very impressive. Very inspiring.

  12. Oh Cindy…how I would love to dance on those rooftops with fairies!! Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing and expanding my little world. Blessitude

  13. nannus

    One reason it looks like fairy tale buildings might be that it might have inspired illustrators and therefore influenced our ideas about how such places look.
    My grandfather who was living in GDR used to send us beautiful books made in Czechia at the time from a publisher called Artia. Among these where fairy tale books (with illustrations from famous graphics artists like Jiří Trnka, as well as other artists. They have a great tradition of book illustration there. There are also fairy tale films that where made in those days and exported to other countries, including western european ones.
    However, who knows wht is cause and what is effect here.

    1. How wonderfully synchronistic! I have several Artia books that I have collected since childhood. Some were my mother’s others mine. I know precisely the incredible illustrations you are referring to and what you have said makes complete sense. I didn’t realize it though. But now I do, and yes, to me, Prague looks just like the fairytale books I read and looked at as a child. Thank you so much for awakening this connection~

  14. Your pictures are amazing. I have been in Prague many years ago over 30 … and it was a dirty place even though we totally enjoyed it. It had many grey places and I don’t remember many colours. I think I need to go again now!

    1. Yes I do think so! It is not dirty and it is full of color and charm and magic. Interesting, we have two good friends and we were out to dinner with them after we had returned from Prague. They had been. I asked the wife how she liked it. She said “I didn’t like it.”
      She couldn’t articulate why as clearly as you did.
      I asked her husband how he liked it. He said, “I thought it was the most beautiful, charming city I had ever seen.”
      People do sometimes just like different things, which if this pronounced in a marriage could be difficult I imagine.
      But viva la difference~
      Maybe Prague is just not your cup of tea~

      1. I actually think it has changed a lot as my sister also went and loved it. When I went so long ago it was still in the “East” and customs were extremely scary too. It felt like almost you are doing something wrong with the heavy police everywhere. I will one day go again and see the difference.

  15. Love your roof tops, Cindy. I am off to Prague for a week on Sunday on a spur of the moment trip. Any hidden gems you would recommend.

    1. Oh how wonderful for you! I have two suggestions, the first you will do anywhay most likely and that is just walk around and explore the old city on both sides of the river. As you wonder you will find churches, art galleries, mosaics, medieval buildings, statuary, hidden gems everywhere! Secondly, even if you are no an opera fan, go to the opera! The interior of the opera house is just to die for. I have many posts on Prague from my last trip there under travel May 2013, and you can see what I mean about the opera house in my photos. You will enjoy the experience because you will feel as is you have been transported back in time and the whole evening will be magical! Enjoy Prague!! You will!!

      1. Hey. Thanks for the suggestion on the opera. Not a big fan but luckily there is a ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty while I am there so I ordered a ticket. I am excited. Marie

  16. Wow! Wow! Wow! They really are fairy tale roof tops! It’s very inspiring! I love painted cities, however they are painted. Thank you, your photography is wonderful! 🙂

  17. Have always wanted to see Prague (and now I have through your eyes). It’s as beautiful as everything I’ve imagined, Cindy. Thanks for sharing. Hugs.

  18. Fabulous captures! Prague would have to be one of my favorite cities – and although I can’t remember the colorfulness reflected in your photos, I do remember the amazing architecture and the total uniqueness of the city. It really was like stepping back into a fairy-tale!

  19. Hi Cindy and thanx for this amazing post dedicated to one of the most wonderful European cities… I don’t find THE appropriate adjective(s) to describe Prague where I’ve been twice… I simply miss this unique city, situated at historical crossroads…
    * * *
    my very best, good luck in all your endeavours and respectful regards… Mélanie

  20. I love this!!! It is so amazing and fairy-tale like and wonderful!! 🙂 I am sitting here reading The Lilac Fairy Book, so this was perfect! 🙂

  21. I went to Prague many years back and remember it as a lovely place, well looked after and full of great people. I must make time to visit again…Thanks for reminding me!

    1. No, or in the modern world of architecture. The artistry and intricate devotional mastery devoted to these old medieval buildings are unsurpassed in the modern era. They blow me away~

  22. These are gorgeous and you found quite a variety of fairytale rooftops to share with us! I am so glad you have traveled and share the richness and beauty in your photos, Cindy.

  23. Being perfectly Prague-matic, I am off to fairyland! 😉 I believe I must add a ceiling detail somewhere there…

    This post is wedding cake luscious. Just bursting with mouth-watering peeks…:)

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  25. Oh my God, Cindy….this might be our favorite!!! Ging is going banana’s!!! lmao These are just….exquisite!!! That’s the only word that comes to mind!!! Unbelievable my dear, you have transcended to that artistic place where one has become their art!!! The two joined!!! 😉 xoxox Sharing this now!!! 😉

    1. You two have to go to Prague!! I can just imagine how it would get your creative juices flowing. It is truly a magical place made for creative talents like you two. Wish I could meet you there when you go!! I am the one who is so lucky to have met you two!! Hugz & gratitude for both of you~

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