Duck, Duck, Goose~

How do you spell tranquility?
How about a cabin on a lake, with ducklings…….
wait up, quit quacking around,
and of course Canadian goslings…’s Canada after all!
What could possibly be more calming,
than a peaceful lake,
with paddling ducks,
on a sunny day,
in Canada?
Cheers to you from all the Canadian quackers!

187 thoughts on “Duck, Duck, Goose~

  1. Yes, all the little gooslings around here have also hatched and it’s lovely and tranquil watching them waddle along the waterways and across the streets. Have a wonderful week!


  2. What a lovely place!! I can only imagine the peaceful feeling of spending time in that cabin 🙂 love the reflections in the photos. Great job!


  3. Hi Cindy! So happy I discovered your beautiful blog! I want to transport myself to this gorgeous place, sit on an adirondack chair, while sipping wine as I watch the geese go by. Just lovely! ~Karen~


      • Thank you, my friend. I had 2 big breaks yesterday in pursuing advanced health care for Tom. He’s very ill and I’ve been away from the blogging world trying to stay above water. Yesterday was indeed a great day. NIH has agreed his medical care is so complex they are willing to send 2 physicians to consult on the case and then perhaps actually take Tom on as a patient. I have high hopes.


      • Excellent news, due I might add, to your diligent efforts as an effective advocate. Once he gets in treatment is there a possibility for a vacation for yourself? You my dear are due from some major TLC and pampering~


  4. Hi Cindy, I will be off to Spain on Sunday. Since it’s such a well packed trip, I may not get to visit you until we are back the second week of June. Happy travel 🙂


  5. Liebe Cindy ganz tolle Tierfotos super gelungen das Glück hatte ich noch nicht Gänseküken zu fotografieren ein schönes Wochenende wünsche ich dir Klaus in Freundschaft


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