On The Road Again……

Up in the montanas…..
Nobody here but us turkeys…….
You know we like to keep movin,
and now we are on Mt. Palomar watching the woodpeckers and waiting for the stars to come out.
This cabin was built by hand by the owner with local materials.
There are no people here at all which Jim says is spooky,
but I think is the whole reason for coming mid-week.
There is a huge loft upstairs for the the rest of the crew and a bedroom downstairs.
We’re hiking tomorrow and visiting the Palomar Observatory, so please stay tuned……
Cheers to you from empty (so far) Mt. Palomar (except of course for us, the wild turkeys, and the noisy woodpeckers)~

150 thoughts on “On The Road Again……

  1. For a small out-side foot print, the timber-frame style cabin looks spacious inside. I would love to visit an observatory some day…. just can’t stay away much after the sun goes down. I would not make a good astronomer (except these days, most of the equipment is automated, and astronomers are working the computer programs in some remote location to make sense of the data. Guess, I’d be more at Galileo’s level of observation).

    • It is simply stunning up here. Today we visited the highest fire tower in the Western US. Pics coming and visited with the volunteers who man it. We saw our house, 35 miles as the crow flies but seemingly in another world. The cabin life is very calming to me and this one is just perfect. Us and the woodpeckers for the company!

      • Woodpeckers are good company. Hope the fire tower volunteers are not too introverted, such that your visit disrupted their calm. Fires are a great concern in your region, any year, let alone during such a dry period.

  2. G’day Cindy, good to be back and seeing where you are. That is so close to your home, what a beautiful area you live in. That log cabin is a work of art

    • Yes, I could so easily live in this cabin! Although the cabin is close, about 35 miles as the crow flies, it is over 5000 feet higher in elevation than The Holler, and hence a different habitat entirely! So good to hear from you again my friend and to know that you two are still exploring all over beautiful Australia~

  3. your posts are 4 poster–they positively invite me to dive into all the sumptuousness–the models, the mise-en-scenes–the story and the moment. I seriously feel as if I am there…a bit peeping Turkey Tommish, but still! Gobbled it up!

  4. Cindy, I loved this post! We often get families of turkeys here. Once, I watched a Mama turkey set her babies on top of our split rail fence while she went to deal with 2 cats who were stalking the chicks. A notable event that sent the cats for cover!

  5. Pine walls and floors are right up my alley. As a kid we had a turkey like the one above. Tom was the meanest thing, it fell in love with my dad and did not want anyone else on the property. That lasted until Thanksgiving.

  6. Cindy, are those really turkeys?
    They look quite different from the ones we got here! :D

    The local turkeys are more “chubby”. :)
    They really look like those turkeys in TV cartoons.

  7. Oh how I love cabins! I feel so calm and peaceful up in the mountains and the natural beauty is plenty there! Such a great getaway! Hope you enjoyed your stay!

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