Oh Canada: How I Love Thee!

We arrived in Vancouver today after sailing for four days up the coast, with no internet. Yipes! (Click to enlarge!)
Immediately Canada and her amazing flowers bowled me over!
These bouquets were on sale in our hotel lobby…..decisions, decisions!
And check out what is growing outside on the city streets!
More tulips!
I’ll leave you with an orchid!
Oh flowers! Oh Canada! Oh joy!
Tomorrow we visit The Bloedel Conservatory (think exotic birds and rare flowers) and The Maplewood Conservation Area (think amazing migratory birds).
Did I mention I love Canada???
Cheers to you from beautiful, blooming Vancouver!

177 thoughts on “Oh Canada: How I Love Thee!

  1. I would have spent a long time…and too much money…in that hotel lobby, but I think I would have plumped for the peonies – such a colour!
    A friend had a sabbatical in Vancouver and never wanted to return to the U.K….(but his wife made him).

    • I bought the peonies, you wise woman you!! Laughing. I wanted to retire on the Sunshine Coast, my husband made me return. But now we both return….often! ;)

    • Oh I was at Queen Elizabeth Park today. The tulips!! The tulips!!! How can you Canadians stand it???? They are so beeee-yuuuuu-teeee-full!! Hugz to you my friend~

  2. Cindy, stunning photos as always. However, you can’t go wrong up in Canada! I spent a lot of time up there when I was young and have some good memories of it.

  3. I liked the first bouquet the best! I am a fan of violet colors with peaches and pinks! So special to have all of these available to take to your room, for purchasing. I also was amazed at the great beauty in the flowers outside. None seem the worse due to any cold or frost temps. My girlfriend’s daffodils and tulips have little brown edges and limp stems…

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